Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/19/08

It’s now officially the WDBX Spring Membership Drive! I hope you’ll all give me a call, whether you plan to become a member or not– 618-457-3691.

Karthik Kakarala came to sit in for the back half of this week’s broadcast, and gave me quite a scare popping out from around the side of the building while I was catching some refreshing night air. He also has the honor of being the first official new member of WDBX, having made his pledge shortly before the close of the show.

Not that one thing has to do with the other, but Kakarala will be next week’s live musical guest– I’ve heard discussion of possible tape loop work, amplifiers… not sure what exactly to expect, but I’m sure it will be highly interesting. Don’t miss it!

Mary, Jon, Jonathan, Priya, Elembe, Lisa — Untitled, from Gold Record Studio
Inca Ore, Lemon Bear — Untitled, from Gold Record Studio
Muck — Sensation
Miminokoto — Dokonimo ver.2
Miminokoto — Tokedasu
Business Lady — Slow Motion
Wether — Solar Volt
Area C — Star Names
Unagi Patrol — Pine Soul
John Cage — HPSCHD
The Lords of Outland — How to be a Good Citizen in 3 Easy Steps
Sad Sailor — Down at Weirdo Park
John Dikeman, Jon Barrios, Toshi Makihara — We Need You (excerpt)
Eddie the Rat — I Sleep Away
Eddie the Rat — Hyperactive-atrophy
Eddie the Rat — Satori Kumquat
Eddie the Rat — Dark o’ Clock Came Early
Murmur — Discovery of Mother Voidness
Augment — Dilation
Body Collector — La Santisima Muerte
Raperies (like Draperies) — One of the Beautiful

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