Radio reminder

I don’t care how you do it– either stay up until 4a.m., or set an early alarm– but I want to remind everyone to listen to “It’s Too Damn Early” this coming Saturday morning. I’m in a pretty good mood, and I feel like I’ve been building to a really fine broadcast.

It helps that I have a lot of great stuff to play, but I’m not about to start promising you’re going to hear any one thing for certain, as it tends to kill the fun for me.

Community Radio for Sudden Annoy

A week from now, I’ll be kicking off the WDBX Membership Drive, so I’ve been trying to let people know about that early as well. Since I’m always the one who starts the drive, I usually come in a bit behind on the pledges. Between the hour of my broadcast, and the fact that I have that my first week of pledge drive has no momentum behind it, reaching my show’s individual goal is difficult. Do me a favor, and take a look around your wallet this week. If you think you can spare something for WDBX, set it aside. If not; consider making a donation of ‘zines, music, or a supportive blog entry.

I’m always appreciative of your efforts, and you’ll get a nice feeling knowing you helped out a valuable community broadcaster… or you’ll laugh as you avenge yourself against corporate radio’s stupid morning talk shows!

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