Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/4/08

I’ve been in a drone-y sort of mood for most of this broadcast. Sometimes, I guess I just like to sit back and be a listener. I started off with Potpie’s “Potpie Plays the Classics,” a limited Ixnay release where Potpie reworks the opening seconds from nine classic rock songs into a variety of dronescapes. My copy had arrived with some sticky fiber on the working side of the disc– I’ve buffed it somewhat, but I guess it wasn’t enough because I had some skipping problems into the first track. I’ll see what I can do with it this week. Maybe ripping a new copy with the error correction on high will do it?

Alan Courtis took over where Potpie left off, an amazingly fluid transition that probably went unnoticed by a lot of listeners. To paraphrase Hannibal, I love it when a transition comes together! The Courtis material is from a new release, “Unstringed Guitar & Cymbals,” on Blossoming Noise. Although I’ve heard quite a bit of Courtis work, it seems that I am perpetually behind the curve with his releases. Even the wonderful “Tape Works” on Pogus was a collection of older material! It’s nice to finally be able to hear some of his current material, at any rate.

Following Courtis, I wanted to play some of Glenn Weyant’s “Xiphosuran Zymo,” which he has released as part of his SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Subscription Service. It arrived this last week in an otherwise-ordinary mailing envelope marked with a Curious George stamp– a fact that was not unnoticed by my three-year-old son. Although I’ve been enjoying the organic mix of field recordings, US/Mexico border wall playing, and various instruments; my son has been rather sulky about the lack of actual Curious George items within the mailer. On the bright side, at least he will not be tempted to rip open all my packages in the future.

Next up was Raamatulliset miehet’s first release, “Paavalin kirjeitä Tiitukselle,” on Luovaja. I was hoping to have a review of it done yesterday, but it’s a difficult disc– not exactly my thing initially, but with enough good points that I know I’d better give it a little time before I jump in with an opinion. There’s no doubt that the Finland-based Luovaja is a strange label, but they’ve had good releases so far– I’m particularly fond of “Reading Sounds” a compilation of tracks inspired by classic literature. A lot of the Luovaja releases are sold out, so if you’re interested in either of these, you might want to move on it.

Whoever stocks the WDBX soda machine should be forced to drink this flat Coke I just bought. Yuck.

Last week’s Optimod video led me to chatting online with a sound engineer who was pleased to find Brekekekexkoaxkoax in my playlists– if only due to the Greek origin of the name. Still, he was super-enthused about checking out Josh Ronsen’s work, and recommended more Iannis Xenakis in my diet. I have to say that I agree with him! A cursory check of Xenakis’s recorded history revealed loads of material I’ve not yet heard. Perhaps this will be reflected sometime next month after I get my footing. Anyways, isn’t the net great?

I’m going to close this broadcast with a big chunk of Halaka, from a Pile Records release titled “The Voice Over the Intercom Says Hello.” I’m not for certain if this release is available yet or not, but with a new baby in the house, I’m willing to bet your hard-earned (or stolen!) buckazoids would be appreciated around Chez Halaka. Better go ask him before you knock over a liquor store, though.

Potpie — Potpie Plays the Classics, no.1
Alan Courtis — Cardamomo
Alan Courtis — Coriandro
Glenn Weyant — Xiphosuran Zymo (extract)
Raamatulliset Miehet — Heraaminen
Raamatulliset Miehet — Nostalgia
Raamatulliset Miehet — Totta, Mooses tango
Brekekekexkoaxkoax — I never saw the end of the fire
Brekekekexkoaxkoax — shoham
Brekekekexkoaxkoax — We ought to have but one single thought
Halaka — Contents May Contain Discontent

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/4/08”

  1. kingo sleemer Says:

    Thanks much for the extended side play. The Halaka album is available from Pile Records, and can be ordered by email. should have the information an anxious person can use to get it. Our ordering process currently involves emails, we are working on making it easier to get stuff from us.

    Thanks again for playing that track. (Also, just for clarification-sake, since halaka’s all about clarity: the copy you received was packaged differently than for-sale packages are, and it was sent to you by another halakan who’s also working with me in Pile Records.)

    (I’m not sure what I was actually trying to clarify there. Perhaps I’m having a moment?)

    (Still having it.)

    (Still having it.)

    (Still having it.)

    (Okay, done.)

    (Nope, still having it.)


  2. Wordle “cloud” versions of It’s Too Damn Early playlists « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] like the vaguely Greek lettering style for this cloud, from the April 4, 2008 broadcast. It’s fitting, given the conversation I was having with a Greek sound engineer that week […]

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