More music you don’t want!

I didn’t hear anyone clamoring for me to upload the last three broadcasts of “It’s Too Damn Early,” but I’ve put them up for free download anyhow. Either you all stayed up to hear it live, or your passion for new experience is as dead as beef.

Here’s what you’re missing:

3/8/08: Otherwise known as “DaveX gets stood up by his live guest, transforms creeping sense of disillusionment and depression into live improv catharsis.”

3/15/08: The “Golly, DaveX sure likes them organs” broadcast.

3/22/08: AKA “Fancy Blogging”… In which our hero trots out big words like “hypernumerally,” “Eohippus,” and “Zelphabet”

The links above connect straight to their respective download. Playlists can be found in the original liveblogged entries here, there, and everywhere.

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