Who wants a new book?

The last book trade went so well, I’m doing it again! This time around, I have a copy of “Worlds of Music,” in its third edition. This is a hardcover copy in good condition outside of a missing dust jacket. But hey, who cares about dust jackets, right?

There’s contributions from David Locke, Mark Slobin, Linda Fujie, and others– with chapters on many places around the world, and is a pretty terrific text for anyone interested in learning more about ethnomusicology. There’s even diagrams for building diddley bows, a slide veena, and panpipes. “Worlds of Music” is over 500 pages long, and originally came with a CD. I got my copy used, so I don’t have the disc… but I have seen it on Soulseek, etc. New copies of the book sell for $75, but apparently used copies go for as low as a penny on Amazon, so it seems you can send me anything you think is a fair trade!

Regardless, the same rules as last time apply. I’ll hold a decision on whose trade wins the book for 10 days, with preference going to music-related books and items. I don’t want anything to do with the following books:

1) Anything with GLBF Star Trek characters using the holodeck to create Orion slave boys.

2) Anything by John Grisham, Dan Brown, L. Ron Hubbard, or any of Frank W. Dixon’s additional pen names.

3) Fan-fic! (Unless it is John Cage fan-fic.)

4) Anything that changed your life, and made you buy 25 copies that you now give away to complete strangers.

5) Books designed more for displaying on coffee tables than for actually being read. 

Good luck!

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