Vacation show!

My vacation shows are rare broadcasts, but are easily described– I play whatever I want, OUTSIDE the realm of experimental music. Once or twice a year, I have to do this to keep my sanity. It’s also my chance to rectify the fact that so little of this stuff gets played on radio either, a sad fact due entirely to corporate radio’s bullshit attitude toward music and listeners. This playlist might seem a little strange, but not so strange as the answer to the question I hope you ask yourself:

Why don’t I hear any of this stuff on MY local radio?

7-11 — The Slurp
The Ran-dells — Martian Hop
8-Bit Construction Set — Saucemaster
David Ingles — Paralyzed
Jimmy Swaggart — God Took Away My Yesterdays
Dean Martin — Houston
Lenny Dee — Plantation Boogie
Acker Bilk — Stranger on the Shore
Louvin Brothers — In the Pines
Willie Nelson — By the Rivers of Babylon
Elvis Presley — Funny How Time Slips Away
Jerry Lee Lewis — Lovesick Blues
Pete Johnson — Death Ray Boogie
Ray Charles — I Can’t Stop Loving You
Al Green — Light My Fire
Otis Redding — Try a Little Tenderness
James Brown — Hot Pants
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey — Inter-Reformers A Tunde
Jimi Hendrix — Bold As Love
John Spencer Blues Explosion — Full Grown
Southern Culture on the Skids — Camel Walk
CRASS — I Can’t Stand It
CRASS — Shaved Women
Rudimentary Peni — Pig in a Blanket
Ministry — Jesus Built My Hotrot
Nirvana — Negative Creep
Nirvana — Aneurysm
Mammal — Repulsion
Swans — Feel Happiness
NIN — Gave Up (extract)
Meat Burger — Rotten Kid
VA — Space 1999
Jesus Christ Superstar — Pilate and Christ
Rick James — Cold-Blooded
Yngwie Malmsteen — Black Star
The Pixies — Into the White
Patti Smith — Land
China Pig —

2 Responses to “Vacation show!”

  1. Sonney Dey Says:

    Hey DaveX,

    It’s me, Sonney, the newfound disciple of the unfairly obscure
    Electric Kitten Vomit “Avant Garde Revolts” 2001 CD of yours. And,
    yeah, Sonney, the human “Star” of the even MORE obscure
    YouTube video featuring the “Purification” track of said CD,
    as seen on YouTube channel majesticmeteor.

    Hey I count Ray Charles’ “Listen” album as one of my greatest
    Goodwill store vinyl gets because of his cover of the Beatles’
    “Yesterday,” and yes, Ray manages to slip in a “Listen to me now”
    on that track, surprise!

    Things got so VERY slow in the Marion thrift store seen concerning vinyl,
    that indeed I stooped SO LOW as to purchase for 99 cents the 1984
    vanity religious album “My Lord” featuring my arch enemy David Overstreet.

    David was a Class Of ’80 Freshman, and I a Class Of ’78 Junior when I launched my plans to someday get EVEN with him. For he was guilty
    of taking my place on the Marion golf team because his parents were
    chummy with the friggin’ coach.

    I got the coach’s tires and the team’s van too, but something REALLY needed to be done about David. But he was just a rotund shrimp with
    a crazy 70’s 6 inch afro perm making him look almost 5′ 5″, and it wasn’t his fault about the petty politics/favoritism of redneck Marion sports, so
    I let it go.

    Until mid February, when sifting through the usual junk at Salvation Army, BOOM there stood David Overstreet in front of the old Goddard Chappel
    located at Rose Hill cemetery on Rt. 37 north of Marion. David had grown
    and dropped a lot of the baby fat, and was now sporting a 3″ afro that made him look 5′ 5″, had he not been wearing 4 1/2 inch heels, lol. The sight of him in his red/white hounds tooth polyester breasted suit made
    me blow snot at the record, so wtf I bought it.

    Yep, David was all grown up, and the notes on back said he was “For Hire”
    as an independent holy rollin’ revival singer, complete with his own professional cassette accompanying band to be plugged in or pointed at
    the mic in an area 500 miles around Marion.

    I listened to everything in its entirety then delivered the obligatory cracking of it over my knee.
    David and I are even now.

    But on a happier note, I scored big at the Goodwill on Feb. 3rd, although odds are that it took a death to make it happen as usual.
    Yep, the records looked different, as there were two 14 inch stacks on
    the floor instead of the one 8 inch stack that’d remained unchanged since
    last Nov.
    Right up front of one stack was the ole Green Beret album featuring the stoic SSgt. Barry Sadler, and for 50 cents I snagged it for nostalgia’s sake even though it only had the side 1 & 4 “Saturday Night Fever” vinyl clunker inside it.
    But then the Jackpot came, with Springsteen’s “Born To Run,” Ted Nugent’s
    untitled first album I think, Steppenwolf’s self-titled 1st I guess with “Born To Be Wild” and “Desperation” the first cut on side 2, and KC Sunshine Band’s “Get Down Tonight” album, and all of it I’d have to say in at least B condition.
    There was also a mint inside a mint condition sleeve 45 of Partridge Family’s “I think I Love You,” what the hell, somebody has to document
    how stupid the 70s sometimes were, and it might as well be me.

    Well, I take these gems home, then sure enough in that night’s paper there’s an obituary of a 40 year old redneck dying.
    Mike Strang he was. He’d gone on a binge drinking and was hiding at the Comfort Suites from his gf that had had it with his drinking and not offering up an engagement ring. The fool was so drunk that he drowned in a whirlpool tub.

    The rock ‘n’ roll LPs weren’t marked on the outside, but upon looking closer they were marked with his brother’s name Mitch Strang on the inside sleeve. Oh well, Mitch must not be into classics, and it’s my gain.

  2. Scott Farner Says:

    What the hell? Hey I got a real groovy kinda hillbilly, inbred redneck kinda response for you.Why don’t you have a little respect for someone. Oh and take your fucking avant garde, quasi-intellectual bona-fide homosexual taste in vinyl LP’s, break ’em all and shove them straight up your HAYSEED DIXIE ROODY POO ARSE. Completely fucking uncalled for, you sir, are a sucking frumbag. I put provolone cheese in my pants at night, so it can smell like your girlfriends crotch!

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