Everything went south

I won’t be blogging this week… or hosting tomorrow’s radio show. I’ll catch you all up on my absolutely insane week when things settle. But for now, let’s just say that it involves lots of ice, lots of falling down, lots of vomit, lots of hospital visits, a house in mid-explosion, and amnesia.


3 Responses to “Everything went south”

  1. fringes Says:

    Come back when things get better. You’re in my thoughts, especially the mid-explosion part!

  2. i, squub Says:

    Hey man, hope you’re okay. Sounds like a horrendousness.

    You got amnesia and you still posted something. Man, makes me feel even worse about my lack of anything.

  3. Karthik Says:

    That sounds like it’s on the border of terrifying. Consider this to be me taking a rain check on the explanation (which I will still be very interested in later, I assure you).

    You got amnesia, posted, and commented on at least my blog, and I’m going to suspect others’. I hope your house manages to stay intact long enough to get your bearings. Your perseverance has inspired me to get some things done while holed up, especially because your radio show was going to be one of the things that was originally going to get me out of the house.

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