Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/9/08

This week’s broadcast got off to a bit of an unexpected start– just chose odd selections, but it has somehow worked. I guess there is a little leftover feeling from last week’s “Unrelated” episode remaining…


Right now, I’m playing from Box Deserter’s Edgetone Records release “Two Revolutions.” I’m looking forward to listening to this again with my new headphones. Since I got them, I’ve been re-visiting quite a few recordings– it’s amazing what you can hear with a nice set of headphones! My wife wasn’t too convinced of this until she heard them… now I imagine I’m going to have to share.I’m very tired today, and should probably be home asleep. I’ll get the playlist linkified later, and make the download available as soon as possible. Just don’t hold your breath, ’cause I’m ready to pass out!

A_dontigny — Aufbau
Vialka — Umfall
Vialka — Shitty Monkeys
The Stumps — Untitled (from “The Black Wood”)
Chica X — Kickin’ the Kittens
Emil Beaulieau, Fe-Mail and Friends — Call Me (extract)
Dr. Mint — First Light
Dr. Mint — Gathering
Dr. Mint — Fire Flight
Dr. Mint — Submerge
Box Deserter — One At Home
Tomas Krakowiak — Bal
Tomas Krakowiak — La Ciutat ets Tu
Tomas Krakowiak — Drgacze
Tomas Krakowiak — Sink
The Haters — Noise as the Blank Banner of an Untitled Ideology
Pleco — Life Everlasting
Mor Monsen — Vangsasa
Mor Monsen — Ramah
Mor Monsen — Kanutten
Mor Monsen — Trass
Mor Monsen — Mimre

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