Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/1/08

Update! This show is now available for download. Be a good person and support the artists and labels linked below– don’t just download the file and think you’re getting over on anyone! 

Tonight’s show started off really well– just feeling very much in the swing of things, and seemingly can do no wrong with my transitions and layering. Confidence! It feels good. I got going a bit early, with Sweet Action Radio needing to bop off to a sledding party. For fun, I’m picturing toboggans, caroling, and hot cocoa… but I’m fairly sure it will be more like car hoods, snowy face plants, and someone coming home with one shoe.


For today’s broadcast, I am going to play with the theme of “Unrelated”. The last couple weeks have been full of unrelated sound works suddenly making themselves known in some fashion. Mystified popped up with a radio installation, Kingo found a Halaka recording intended for me from a few years back, my old EKV disc revealed itself in a Southern Illinois closet, and a presumed-victim of Homeland Security (“50/50” from HarS and Van Alebeek) arrived from Amsterdam after a month of floating in the postal tide.

Sound very often has its own life– every now and then, its good to step back and see where it wants to take us.

I’ve just started the aforementioned radio installation, “ASP,” by Mystified. The instructions call for the three identical discs of 12 tracks apiece to be aired simultaneously on shuffle– I’m letting this happen for a while before I up the ante– I’ve always wondered what a massively-layed Mystified creation might sound like, so I’m going to see how far I can take it before I bring out the next surprise.

At present, I have 10 virtual instances of “ASP” playing right now, along with the discs… and in addition, re-routing our webcast back into the mix, for a total of 26 layers at the onset. As time progresses, my theory is that the “tail” of the webcast will become shorter and more apparent. I had a single alert sound during all this, and it has been cropping up regularly since, at smaller intervals. Interesting!

Surprise #2! I’m now playing from Halaka’s untitled recording that was originally intended to be sent to me a few years back. Having created the audio discs myself from Kingo’s original files, I accidentally allowed my burning software to insert a 2-second gap between each “track,” duh. Fortunately, this is the “Unrelated” show– this is just the sort of mistake that can be followed to its extreme conclusion, without reprisal. Interestingly, I also had to create two discs, because of the overall length of the full recording. My solution to the 2-second gap? Let’s put both discs on at once! What you are hearing is track markers 1-14, layered with track markers 15-24.

It not only covers those dopey gaps, but works surprisingly well. I was tempted to go even further out, but I’ve had enough shuffle mode for one day.

More commands from the music, which I had to follow: “Mr. DJ. At this point, you’ll want to turn down the record, in a minute it’s going to get sloppy.” DONE AND DONE. Marina Hardy and Bob Marsh are filling the void of silence underneath all radio broadcasts at the moment… gotta dig this cut.

And now on to the third main “unrelated” recording– “50/50,” from HarS and Rinus van Alebeek. Mine came in a stylish European walkman knockoff, burgandy with silver accents. Promises “X-BASS,” which I’m confident it can deliver best through the de-foamed earbuds. Put together 50 of your favorite currency, and get yourself a copy of this before they’re all gone!

I will linkify everything later on today, and hopefully, be able to have a download of the show available as well. Thanks for listening, –DaveX

Sissy Spacek — Untitled (from Helicopter 9)
Merzbow — Minka pt.1
Robert Inhuman — Savage Groping Until Dizzy & Euphorically Cumming
Burning Star Core — Let’s Name Her Snowy Because It’s Snowy Outside
Insect Joy — Twin Seraphs
Breed the Circus — Demo no. 6
Big Sugar Victorious — Dada 1963 (Oh, What a Mess)
Na — Na is Nice
Kim Cascone — Dust Theories 2
Yuko Nexus6 — Journal de Tokyo #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Voici le temps de lecture
Yuko Nexus6 — J’aime beaucoup la cassette #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Journal de Tokyo #2
Yuko Nexus6 — Phonographe #1
Yuko Nexus6 — J’adore la boucle #1
Yuko Nexus6 — Berlin 1936
Yuko Nexus6 — Mes voisins jouent de la musique
Ophibre — Shattered CD (extract)
Mystified — ASP
Halaka — Introducing the Microphones
Halaka — The Point in Anything
Halaka — Dying for Somebody to do Anything to
Halaka — His Own Silly Putty
Halaka — The Part Where I Talk Right Into the Thing
Halaka — Untitled
Halaka — Huh? / Nobody Listens to Me
Halaka — A Very Limited Area
Halaka — Meditation
Halaka — Kundalini Yogurt (we are doing nothing)
Halaka — Rock Back and Forth On Your Ass (Mister DJ)
Halaka — In the Back of my Microphone
Halaka — I Love You Really High Up (The Bottles of Milk Aren’t Even Sour)
Halaka — I Don’t Like Covers
Halaka — Please Stop Feeling Me That Way
Halaka — Sorry (Helicopters) / Please Come to Dallas
Halaka — Do You Have Jesus?
Halaka — Windows Catholic P
Halaka — Like Sweaty Life In Here
Marina Hardy — Trumpet (extract)
Marina Hardy, Bob Marsh — The Marina and the Marsh
HarS, Rinus van Alebeek — 50/50 (Side A)
HarS, Rinus van Alebeek — 50/50 (Side B)
Alfredo Costa Monteir0 — Epicycle

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 2/1/08”

  1. kingo Says:

    Sounds like an incredible mess of a show. I’m kicking myself for not getting up this morning. I vaguely remember pissing, thinking, “Ah, shit, I should go check out the…. ITD… it IS too damn… the… did I have two hours of sleep?

    Hope you can put a downloadable copy somewhere. If not, I’ll catch it as it rounds Alpha Centauri once I get my wormhole working.

    Very, very glad (and grateful) that you could make use of our… uhm… material.

  2. mystified13 Says:

    Thanks for playing ASP, Dave!

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