Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/26/08

It’s about -70 degrees here tonight; I’m surprised I even came in. Who knew Southern Illinois could get this cold? I guess it is cold enough that all of downtown has been experiencing intermittent power failures, so there is apparently a very real chance that I will type something amazingly transcendent, only to have it vanish during a blackout.

Oops, it just happened. Right when I’d just discovered the language of the gods, too. Oh well.

Anyways, I kicked off tonight’s show with Mammal, and what has to be one of the heaviest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. No, it’s not strictly experimental, but I really get a kick out of how the sound is allowed so much breathing space. Right now, I’m playing some of The Transhumans disc “Into the Maelstrom,” which has the right sort of intensity for following both Mammal and Tuft. Not sure where I’m going after this, but I doubt it will be in the same direction.

Or maybe it will be! Got sidetracked on a technical phone call– somehow, word has gotten out that I’m “the podcasting guy” at the station, so now everyone wants to know my arcane process. Had to let The Transhumans roll– luckily, I really like that album. Moving on to the Ctephin side of “Sand of Ages” now… I have the feeling I need to cram in a bunch of new stuff, ugh.

Resisted the urge– I’m happy because Karthik dropped by. All thanks to Mama Karthik for driving him over… it’s way too cold for walking. No download this week, due to random computer failure. Ha, ha– some guru I am!

Mammal — Repulsion
Tuft — Finally, The Mighty Sinkholes Opens Up and Swallows You All
The Transhumans — Descent: Approach
The Transhumans — Descent: Passage
The Transhumans — Descent
The Transhumans — Descent: Forgotten Memories
The Transhumans — Drunken Boat: Perilous Journey
Ctephin — Circumference of a Djinn
Ctephin — Traveling to Bubastis
George Korein — Gleaming Corpse
George Korein — Singsong Corpse
George Korein — Gleaming Corpse II
George Korein — Singsong Corpse II
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Matt Hannafin — All the States Between, part 1
Climax Golden Twins – Untitled (Testing Ground)
Bryan Day, Alex Boardman — One to Seven, part 1
Bryan Day, Alex Boardman — One to Seven, part 2
Bryan Day, Alex Boardman — One to Seven, part 3
Bryan Day, Alex Boardman — One to Seven, part 4

One Response to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/26/08”

  1. Sonney Dey Says:

    Hey I don’t mean to breech your privacy.
    But are you the “Dave X” dude that violates
    an old Casio SK-1 keyboard among other
    assorted diabolical electronic seekings in your
    quest for the genesis of non commercial, pure
    and unadulterated sound?

    If so, then I’m here to say, “Dave, I am your

    Not really, but I did accidentally come into a copy
    of EKV Avant-Garde Revolts (“Electric Kitten Vomit”)and its data CDR.

    Just found it on the 24th after ages of it being
    hid away in a closet.

    Pretty cool and different stuff.

    here in Marion, Illinois

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