Desktop noise warfare

Here’s a semi-useful tool, freely given to those trapped with less-than desirable co-workers or roommates… a pink noise generator for masking their chatter/driving them from the cubicle. Be careful your target isn’t a Merzbow fan, or your plan may backfire on you. Click in the glittery unknown for the download.

Glitter Text Generator

3 Responses to “Desktop noise warfare”

  1. fringes Says:

    That’s totally cool, but does it require using headphones? If so, why not block people with music?

  2. Jake Says:

    I just got a chance to give Tenex a listen. It’s wonderful. Would you mind if I used/remix/destroyed it in my setup?

  3. Earl Vickers Says:

    You might want to check out ChatterBlocker (, which lets you play back customized mixes of music, nature sounds, and distant chatter, optimized for masking the intelligibility of unwanted speech in the workplace. I designed the app based on my frustration with this problem. The web site has a demo and a couple of white papers on the subject.

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