Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/19/07

Update: This episode is now available for download. As always, I encourage you to support the artists and labels in the links below– this file is no substitute for the real recordings! 

Well, I’m definitely getting off to a late start with the liveblogging this week, sorry! Sweet Action Radio host Nick and friends stayed by to chat, and do the usual DJs-trading-music-knowledge thing that makes working at a community radio so much fun. As always, I shared a lot of info, but I also picked up a good amount of interesting names and labels to follow up on.

For today’s show, I wanted to work with the theme of “joy.” Early yesterday, I e-mailed an old soul cut to a friend, for inclusion on her new iPhone. I was surprised when she wrote back a few minutes later to say she loved the song. Sometimes, listening to a steady diet of the avant-garde makes you forget how instantly a good pop song can work its magic. It’s really the opposite type of listening that I encourage for this show, but definitely appropriate for pop sounds… if you had to think about a doo-wop song, you’d be missing the point, right?

Anyway, that got me thinking about joy. Surely, there is joy in experimental music as well. Surely, there are examples where the listener can feel that passion, and that happiness in the mix– whether its an unrehearsed bit of improv, or an intensely-processed field recording, I think that joy can come through. And of course, there is joy for the listener! What recordings make me feel great to hear them?

So that’s what today’s show is all about, and hopefully, some of that joy rubs off on you too.

Here’s another cool thing: Marina Hardy was trying very hard to send me a song for tonight’s broadcast. The trouble was, nothing seemed to be working for her. Something seemed to continually go wrong with her uploads, and I was getting very strange bits and pieces of files instead of the lovely multi-track experiments of hers that I have been enjoying for the last week or so. In a beautiful burst of thinking outside the box, Hardy made the song its own MySpace page, “Song For ITDE”. I’ve added it as a friend, and I hope you do too. Everyone should have a song for a friend, especially if it is a song for ITDE.

John Cage, Lejaren Hiller — HPSCHD (extract)
Larry Kucharz — 1990 no.4
Larry Kucharz — 1987 no.11 (extract)
Frederique Bruyas — Christophe Tarkos
Marina Hardy — Red Teeth
Harold Schellinx — Ranks
Harold Schellinx — Kitty Knew
Lance Olsen — Edges (extract)
A_dontigny — Koons
A_dontigny — Pruitt-Igoe
A_dontigny — Tatline
A_dontigny — Aufbau
Anla Courtis — Jarabe de Llanura
Anla Courtis — Respire un Cordero
Michael Graeve — Live at Impermanent Audio, 8/26/01
Kenneth Gaburo — Fat Mille’s Lament
Kenneth Gaburo — The Wasting of Lucrecetzia
Christian Marclay/E.T. — A walkthrough recording of C.M.’s “Ensemble”
Sabrina Siegel — Ring
Sabrina Siegel — Fire
Sabrina Siegel — Big Electric Rose
Chica X — Everybody’s Gonna Fite!
Chica X — Throw Her Over
Chica X — Hey Girl
Beth Anderson – Torero Piece
Beth Anderson – Yes Sir Ree

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/19/07”

  1. kingo sleemer Says:

    something like x number of years ago, back when I still (I think) frequented oddmusic and didn’t not so much frequent oddmusic, some other halakans and I improvised an entire album for ITDE. Well, maybe that’s stretching it — we improvised at least 40 minutes of material specifically for ITDE. I still have it, it’s still on a minidisc. I wonder if I could get it offa there and give it a myspace page. That’d be interesting. Though I guess there’s a limit to space there. I don’t remember.

    I am jogging down memory lane and keep barking my shin.

    Oh, and very most usually across. Occasions for diagonal: tuna fish. Why? Dunno. Stupid breezes.

  2. fringes Says:

    How did I miss this post the day it was posted? It took an act of vanity (looking up my blog on Technorati) to come back to read it more closely. I did love the song you sent me and I played it that weekend at a family memorial for my grandparents. The world brings us all together in such wonderful ways.

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