Who wants a nice book?

Let’s be quaint for a moment– I enjoy reading books. Actual paper books, not the PDF or audio sort. (And as a side note, I hate PDFs. They’re only exceeded by .rm files as the most worthless bullshit file format in existence.)

That being said, I’ll admit that I don’t much like keeping books around. They’re heavy, they take up space, and I rarely read anything more than once. On the other hand, I read a lot… so new books have to arrive at least as often as old books depart. That’s why I’m giving away one of my books– it’s my blatantly cheap method of getting something new to read all while avoiding crowds of people at a bookstore.

So here’s what I’ve got: “Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America,” by Jesse Walker. The book is about 300 pages, hardback, and quite interesting. It’s in very nice condition. Obviously, it deals mostly with American radio history, but also has a good amount of information about foreign radio activities.

For anyone interested in pirate broadcasters, micro-radio, the FCC, freeform programming, or just wanting to get up-to-speed on radio’s “backstory,” this is a good read.

The deal is that I want to trade this book for another equally interesting book. Leave a comment with your offer, or send an e-mail– I’ll choose someone to trade with in the next 10 days. If things get hot and literary, we may work out a three-way trade.

Being the obsessive person that I am, I’d highly prefer books related to music or sound in some way. Just for fun, though, I’ll list some books I do NOT want in trade:

1) Anything with elves, dragons, or chaotic half-dwarf mage healers.

2) Anything that is part of a series, or set in its own “universe”.

3) Anything with “8 pages of COLOR photos!” in the middle.

4) Fan-fic! (Unless it is John Cage fan-fic.)

5) Anything that changed your life, and made you buy 25 copies that you now give away to complete strangers.

Now go! Search your bookshelves and return to my comments section! Fly! Fly!

6 Responses to “Who wants a nice book?”

  1. Little Ricky Says:

    How about a biography of Ruth Crawford Seeger?

  2. Ms. S Says:

    I think this is a very fun idea!
    (Although sadly I have nothing to trade you)

  3. nick Says:

    I have a history of performance art and dada that is pretty interesting

  4. fringes Says:

    I have nothing, but I love your idea. I may go buy something just to join in the fun.

  5. GX Jupitter-Larsen Says:

    If you find something in my catalog you want for a trade – let’s talk! http://www.jupitter-larsen.com/noisenomics.html

  6. maitresse Says:

    did you read Alex Ross’s The Rest is Noise?

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