Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/5/08


Update: The download for this week’s broadcast is now available as a single mp3 file. Enjoy! 

Coming off last week’s somewhat sedate broadcast covering for “Music From Beyond the Lakes,” I’m ready to play some noisier material this time around. Unfortunately, it smells like a rank dormroom in here, and nothing seems to want to cover it up.

Glad you’re enjoying things, Joe. I saw your bit about coming up with your band name the other day, I’ll definitely be checking it out when I get a chance.

Okay, I finally just had to toss the chair mat and rug completely out of the room. Enough bad smells! I already get shocked using most of the equipment here, I shouldn’t have to smell somebody’s yak on top of that.

Currently playing from Conure’s album, “The Generation of Our Grandfathers,” which was inspired by the documentary “Paragraph 175.” Apparently, this was a portion of code in the Nazi regime which would lump homosexuals in with all other “undesirable” persons. It’s a pretty rough album, one of the noisier ones I’ve heard from Edgetone, but definitely worth picking up. It’s sort of a backward way to go about things, but I know I’ll be tracking down the documentary as soon as I can.

I was just thinking about how terrible these studio monitors are. Did someone put pebbles in the, or are they filled with dried leaves? Hard to tell. It sure isn’t doing justice to “Repercussions,” an album of solo and “hyperpiano” from Scott R. Looney. I’m actually playing from one of the less experimental tracks– it’s still fairly wild as far as jazz goes, with a lot of frantic runs, flashes of Sun Ra (especially in some of the more reflective moments,) and even a spot where Looney throws out some lines that seem more appropriate to a harpsichord. I suppose I’ll let this run through the next track as well, “Discurses,” to let you hear the prepared elements that pepper this disc. Good stuff!

Only one bad thing about this Curia album from Fire Museum– I can’t read the type on the back! It’s in something like “Edwardian Script,” and it’s tiny. Yes, I am officially too old to read liner notes. Just shoot me now, okay?

Following this Robert Ashley, I’m going to play a recording from Henri Chopin, who passed away two days ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t previously aware of his enormous body of work– art can come to us in so many ways. I’m taking this as simply another example of why I should be learning to speak French, which I’ve been putting off for far too long.

DaveX — Improv for Folded Signals
Praew Jik — Providence and the Pounding Fist
Anla Courtis — Asma de Tia de Alga
Anla Courtis — Rastrillo-Termotanque
Frank Rothkamm — XFM OR New Encounter Architecture
Frank Rothkamm — Reality OR Room in Hollywood
The Air Conditioners — Depression Fits
Conure — The Generation of Our Grandfathers
Conure — Some Vowed Abstinence
Scott R. Looney — IuxtasEnTemporae
Scott R. Looney — Discurses
Ductworks — tkcrdsuow
Plasmic Formations — Untitled (from ESR064, split with Zemekky)
Curia — Curia
Robert Ashley — Now Eleanor’s Idea, Act III: Questions and Answers
Henri Chopin — La Civilisation du Papier

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