Liveblogging! (mostly) “ITDE” 12/30/07

Not blogging during my show is like having my leg cut off, let me just throw that out there. WDBX’s ghetto net connection was down for an hour and a half worth of today’s broadcast, so I actually had to keep my playlist with a PEN.

I almost died.

Anyways, I obviously wasn’t able to make a recording of the show, but I did ink-stain some paper for posterity.

Phil Hargreaves, Caroline Kraabel — Where We Were: Shadows of Liverpool
Timeless Pulse Quintet — Light
Grundik Kasyansky — Turnover
Alvin Lucier — Still & Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas, Voice
Dimitri Voudouris — Palmos (extract)
Frank Rothkamm — Digital Feedback OR Highland
Scott Smallwood — Electreat
My Fun — Phonopostal
My Fun — A Field in Freilassing
My Fun — Sonorine
Craig Colorusso — Strap Parts
Eyes Like Saucers — Still Living in the Desert (And Mostly in My Own Head)
Lance Olsen — Snowfield_Avalanche
Mystified — Instability
Steve Heimbecker — Sunday MSM
Costes – Avis Aux Imitateurs 2
Jack Wright, John M. Bennett, Ben Bennett — Foamy Table

3 Responses to “Liveblogging! (mostly) “ITDE” 12/30/07”

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  2. Elissa Says:

    You should’ve just posted a picture of the hand-written list, so that someday kids could look at it and say “Wow, that computer had a funny font!”
    Kind of like when someone older at work says something about a record, or a typewriter, and I snarkily ask them to tell me what that is. It’s a hoot, let me tell you ;)

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