Special broadcast coming up!

I’ll be covering for the New Age/Contemplative music program “Music From Beyond the Lakes” this coming Sunday, December 30th. I’ve even made a temporary promo recording to drum up some excitement. For anyone who has yet to hear one of my “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcasts, this could be a great opportunity to catch your (soon to be) favorite experimental DJ out and about in the daylight hours.

That is, if you consider 8-10 PM “daylight”… Frankly, I’ve forgotten the feel of sunlight.

For long-time listeners, the show will definitely be a treat. My plan is to work with the idea that experimental music is best appreciated in exactly the opposite manner than New Age/contemplative works– where New Age sounds provide a backdrop for self-examination and introspection; the focus of experimental works are often wholly on the sounds and compositions themselves.

I have previously discussed this with “Music From Beyond the Lakes” host Jerry, who seems to feel much the same. Despite our radically different approach to music, we have occasionally found some useful overlap in our promotional materials, with a surprising amount of discs changing hands (usually for good!) between us. “It’s Too Damn Early” fans may recall me playing a lot of Larry Kucharz a while back– you can thank Jerry for introducing me to his work.

So: December 30, 8-10 PM CST. Don’t miss it! I expect phone calls, seeing as how everyone should be bright-eyed and sober at this hour. 618-457-3691.

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