Put the “X” back in Xmas!

In the spirit of Xmas, I give you five downloadable episodes of “It’s Too Damn Early”– most dating back from when this blog was but a glint in my monitor. I have included commentary and full playlists for each. All you have to do is set your phasers to “download” and enjoy. Now there is still the small matter of what you’re giving your favorite experimental DJ for Xmas… *coughmoneycough*

Every so often, I get a little burned out, and have to do a “vacation” show. It is usually a good time for me to play from my rather strange vinyl selection, and attempt to tilt the percentage of Barry White on radio slightly upward. This broadcast was slated for the vacation treatment, but got changed at the last minute in favor of something more stretched out. Here I am, feeling inspired, and kicking at the walls of whatever bag I happened to be in.

Atau Tanaka — Tango no.5
Yuko Nexus6 — La Chanson de l’adieu
Satanicpornocultshop — Puka Shells, Autumn version
DJ Smallcock — Yinyue, pt.2
Noriko Tujiko — I Love You
Gutevolk — Light Parade
Fickle — He Rules an Eroding Plain
Fickle — Eulogy for Broken Spirit
Psicklops — Psicklops pt.1
Grouper — Way Their Crept
Anthony Milton — Sirens
Grouper — Sang Their Way
Nete — Pangolin
Koichi Makigami, Ryoji Hojito — A Japanese Trembling
Melt Banana — Ketchup Mess
Morceaux de Machines — Placenta Compressa
DJ Cut and Paste — Pikachu
Tom Johnson, Daniel Kientzy — Infinite Melodies, no.III
Chicks on Speed — For All the Boys in the World
Pacman — Citybuilder
Skoezy Fetisch — Standing Fits
Rune Lindblad — Gimmik
Skoezy Fetisch — Seize Frees
Skoezy Fetisch — Symbiotic Film
Ashtray Navigations – Mysterious Starling Music
Ashtray Navigations – Mysterious Starling Island
Ashtray Navigations – Teeth of the Rats
John Wanzel — Pear: Act 2, A Conversation
John Wanzel — Pear: Interlude
John Wanzel — Pear: Pears in Iowa
Psicklops — Psicklops pt.2
Leo Kupper, Anna Maria Kieffer — Recit 1
Leo Kupper, Anna Maria Kieffer — Vocalique
Leo Kupper, Anna Maria Kieffer — Recit 2
Robert Ashley — Celestial Excursions, Act 1, Characters
Robert Ashley — Celestial Excursions, Act 1, Alcohol
Robert Ashley — Celestial Excursions, Act 1, Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. N
Harold Schellinx — Chronique Sonore: Shijima
Coit — First Session, Live in Athens GA, 1/2/04
Mudboy — Solitron Waves
Davenport — Call to Worm Heaven
Davenport — The Spells We Know
DaveX — The Only Motion is Returning
DaveX — Thrills and Kicks

2/18/06: (download)
This broadcast probably wasn’t the first time I ever brought a radio webstream into my own broadcast, but I’m certain it was the first time I used my own stream! Sowing the seed for what would eventually become “Improv for Folded Signals,” I had a great time manipulating the heavy drones of artists like Phill Niblock, Roderik de Man, and Gen Ken Montgomery into a thick haze of syrupy radio fog. Don’t miss me playing Flossie and the Unicorns, either!

Conrad Schnitzler — 00/117 (19-21)
Erik M — Frame 02
Erik M — Frame 03
Erik M — Frame 04
Flossie and the Unicorns — Free Guitar Lessons for Animals
Martin Tetreault and Otomo Yoshihide — Lyon no.4
Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori — My God! Have I Fallen Into an Endless Void?
Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori — Impulse Beam Rising
Rev.99 — Iron Engineer Ross Bonadonna
Danielle Palardy Roger — Bruiducoeur va mourir
Danielle Palardy Roger — Nnaaaooon
Danielle Palardy Roger — Seule son ame/Litanies
Dina Emerson — Guns Don’t Kill People
D. Elder — Failed Upward
United Satanic Apache Front — Sometimes
Stephen Flinn, Noah Phillips Duo — Osaka
Stephen Flinn, Noah Phillips Duo — Dissemble
Stephen Flinn, Noah Phillips Duo — Pock
Native American Residuals — Neshama
Roderik de Man — Air to Air pt.1
Phill Niblock — Disseminate Ostrava
Phill Niblock — Sea Jelly Yellow
0 OK, 0:1 — Tafel 20 “Angy”
Gen Ken Montgomery — Shortwave
Merzbow — White Pea Fowl
Flossie and the Unicorns — Miss Foxyface
Flossie and the Unicorns — Chewing Gum
Zaar — Omk

3/11/06: (download)
Two weeks prior to this broadcast, I’d been pleasantly surprised with how well my “Decay and Pianos” theme had turned out. Although the broadcast immediately following it featured only four long tracks due to me being physically exhausted, I rebounded on this show with a theme of “Sounds Dreaming”…

As I described in the original playlist commentary:

“I attempted to follow another theme, “Sounds Dreaming,” a phrase which had been running through my head for some time now. Internally, I had conceived of this as being related to the mysterious give-and-take process of music making, where sometimes sounds seem to be somewhat more in control than composers or musicians. “Sounds Dreaming” also makes me consider what sort of music that sounds themselves like to create, and what sound is like when we are not around to perceive it. More than once, the sounds got the upper hand of this broadcast, but always with enlightening results. “

This is a pretty good show. Although it has a lot of tracks and artists I was playing rather heavily at the time, I think the actual structure and mix of this particular date worked especially well. I’m a big believer in the power of well-made playlists!

Rune Lindblad — Plasibenpius (op.30)
Magali Babin — Petit Jardin
Jacquelin Humbert — Lullaby
Yuko Nexus 6 — Rokkoh Oroshi
Yuko Nexus 6 — Lazy Bones
O — Dying and Spanish Circle
Gen Ken Montgomery — Goafishbreath
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — Mariposa Liviana
Hans Fjellestad — Kylling
Hans Fjellestad — El Cavernario
Gen Ken Montgomery — Keystone Model 16CC
Gen Ken Montgomery — Egnekn’s Fridge
Gen Ken Montgomery — Bath Drain
Zelinople — Its Still Hard to Steal Cars
Zelinople — Ink
Scott Smallwood — Woodland
My Fun — Hampton
My Fun — Fireworks
Membranoids — Contro-ear
Membranoids — Seismoportatif
Vertonen — Harbor Surfacant
Paul Schutze — Song 5
Mudboy — Solitron Waves
Emily Hay and Marcos Fernandes — Liturgy of Sound
Halaka — False Breath

4/1/06: (download)
Some of my best shows come about from me being completely pissed off. Usually this is due to a string of particularly ignorant phone calls, but this time around, it was the station’s funky equipment. At the time, WDBX was upgrading the master studio (or the Hi-Life Room, as I prefer to call it) which required us to broadcast from a temporary studio in the production room. This wasn’t too bad, as it basically just meant a different set of ugly Formica countertops, and another uncomfortable chair– all the broadcasting equipment just followed us from one room to the other– until this date.

When I arrived, I found that the good equipment was back in the upgraded master studio, and all our mismatched backup equipment was holding its place in the temporary studio. What followed was a night of painful fingertip shocks, skipping discs, CDRs being eaten, and random power-offs. What better way for me to get over this than to go berserk on-air, threaten to toss the equipment out the window, and generally make a very odd mix of nearly-random tracks? Don’t miss the “guest appearance” of local cock-rock radio station WTAO-FM’s webstream– which woke up area clock-radio users at 6AM with the wrong station– April Fools!

Jim Coyle and Mal Sharpe — Transporting Captured People
Leif Elggren — Soya Bean
Unknown — Bohemian Rhapsody karaoke
Francis Farmer — Thrift Store Soap Opera
Bruce Haack — Captain Entropy
Ikue Mori, Kim Gordon, DJ Olive — We Are the Princesses
Noisy Children Party — Sex With a Woman
Last Poets — The White Man’s Got a God Complex
Last Poets — Opposites
Frankie Smith — Double Dutch Bus
Metallica — Seek and Destroy
Seht — Canned Laughter
Isis — At the Soundless Dawn
Crosley Bendix — Squant
DaveX — Letdown
Metallica — Blitzkreig
Rev. 99 — Britney Spears Autopsy
DaveX — June Oh
Unknown — Tetris Theme
Rahsaan Roland Kirk — Saxophone Concerto
DaveX, HarS — Vicki’s Mosquito’s Remix
DaveX — Pook i
Optical 8 — Fresh for the Jet Set
US Maple — La Click
DaveX — Move!
DaveX — Very Scrub
US Maple — Missouri Twist
Klaus Nomi — The Cold Song
Bjork — Army of Me (live)
Dokaka — Smells Like Teen Spirit
Unknown — home recording of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
Dokaka — Ramblin’ Man
Will Grant — Preamble
April Stevens — Teach Me Tiger
105.1 TAO — Some crappy neu-metal bullshit and sign on
Art Bears — Song of Investment Capital Overseas
Jess Rowland — Ashcroft vs. The Space Librarians (ACLU Edit)
John Corbett — Speed Hump
The Frogs — The Goat Just Died Today
The Frogs — Gwendolyn Macrae
Negativland — Christianity is Stupid

12/18/06: (download)
For a few weeks prior to this broadcast, I had been wanting to mix a larger set of noise, but also to avoid the trap of just hitting the “harsh noise” button over and over. Stretching the definition a bit, I was able to not only get the noise out, but have a lot of fun doing it. Less than a week later, my wife shattered her entire ankle, necessitating one of the very few canceled “It’s Too Damn Early” dates.

Rune Lindblad — Maskinlandskap
Pierre Andre Arcand — Mut 830 ms
Kenneth Gaburo — Hiss
Danielle Palardy Roger — Nnaaooon
Grundik Kasyansky — Radio Dostoevysky, the Holy Day Broadcast
Scott Smallwood — Variations on a Door (no sigh) part 1
Scott Smallwood — Variations on a Door (no sigh) part 2
Scott Smallwood — Variations on a Door (no sigh) part 3
Scott Smallwood — Trojan Chant
Membranoids — Convulsology
Zipperspy — Epilepsy
Vetrophonia — The Strappado Oevertures
Vetrophonia — To Push the Falling One
Aghori Cup — Black Shores
Aghori Cup — The Advocates
Mnem — Cinder Radar
Mnem — Sylop
Scott Smallwood — Elctreat
Scott Smallwood — Contra-Pole
Alien Death Form — Roach Guard
Alien Death Form — Very Far Flung
Alien Death Form — Never Now
Alien Death Form — Out of the Alleys, Into the Gutters
GRKZGL — Untlat
Knurl — Inosine
Knurl — Waves
Merzbow — Pier 39
Quetzocoatly — Waves
Electric Kitten Vomit — 17th Floor, Mae Smith
Electric Kitten Vomit — Purification
XDUGEF — Live, Old LA Zoo
Komafuzz — Betrayal

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