A touch of DaveX

That’s what you’re going to find among the rest of Tony Youngblood’s 12/9/07 broadcast of “~Ore~ Theatre Intangible,” a Vanderbilt radio show I contribute to each week.

Original digital photography by DaveX

Actually, I don’t. Like an old person’s bowels, my offerings to ~Ore~ have been somewhat irregular. On the other hand, mine are much less disgusting as they enter your ears.

Enjoy a full download of this experimental broadcast, including a lovely six-minute mix of degenerating tones and voice from yours truly, by clicking the seven chance words after the double dash– britney spears crotch shots nude girls strip

I swear, I pick these words completely at random. The shame is yours for having a filthy mind.

Here’s a full playlist:

Terre Thaemlitz – Prlude L’Apres-Midi D’un Faune
Merzbow – The Nightingale’s Song
Song Boo Cherpah and Maentel – Songs and Music of Tibet
Iannis Xenakis – Nomos Alpha
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Etude
Pan Sonic – Tasmania –
Kanjan – Kalimantan: Dayek Ritual and Festival Music
Pierre Henry – Par Les Greves
Negativland – Announcement
Wolf Eyes – Reaper’s Song
Boredoms – Magic Milk
Plunderphonics – Brazilianaires Theme
VA – Two Flute Solos, Songs and Music of Tibet
Pigface – Symphony for Taps
Jacob Riley – The Soft 0
Porter Ricks – Porter Ricks Mix
Ornette Coleman – Native Americans
Harry Partch – Castor
Arnold Schoenberg – Suite for Piano op. 25
Einsturzende Neubauten – Boreas
Drew’s Famous Sound Effects – It’s After You!
Daniel Johnston – Museum of Love
The Residents – Voices Of the Air
Henry Cow – Torchfire
Okkervil River – A Forest
Panasonic SV-3800 – Used By Permission
Bob Ostertag — Say No More Disc #1
Sun Ra – Out in Space (live)
Paul Paulun – 29 57’N 78 10’E
DaveX — It’s Too Damn Startling #3

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One Response to “A touch of DaveX”

  1. Ms. S Says:

    Okay, you are just shamelessly capitalizing on Google searchers now… you KNOW that search string will put you in the top 10!!

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