Startling Moniker nominated for “Best Niche Music Blog”

Your hard work and nominations paid off– STARTLING MONIKER is now in the running for “Best Niche Music Blog” at music industry/tech collision blog Hypebot.  And while it’s a total honor to be nominated, I want to win this thing. Obviously, I’m the underdog here… so I’m going to need you to vote early and often.

Voting begins Tuesday, and I hope you will all turn out to support your favorite experimental music blog.

Now to begin slinging mud (c’mon… would you deny me this?)

AbsolutePunk: Frankly, I don’t even think this qualifies as a blog. It appears to be a massive site with a blog, but clearly is a pile of steaming corporate bullshit. They have advertisements, and a full page devoted to pitching their stats to prospective ad-buyers. According to this page, they have 143,308 Members helping them struggle towards completely selling out.

Brit Music Scene: It’s the work of one guy, and his ads are probably host-generated. Still, he writes about the Spice Girls… Yeah, bet he didn’t think that would come back to haunt him.

Discobelle: In addition to advertising, Discobelle is written by at least three contributors, maybe more. And they write about club music, ’nuff said.

Metal Martyr: Written by one guy, and with ads that are probably host-generated. On the other hand, his top entry is that three years ago, ol’ Diamond Darrell died. (You may remember him as “Dimebag” Darrell, but I don’t forget a hair-metaller…

Mutant Sounds: Very cool folks, all of them. Very cool music… and yes, I nominated them… but technically, I nominated them for “Best Music Discovery Blog,” which is where I think they should be. If you insist on voting for them, do a write-in in the “Music Discovery Blog” category!

2 Responses to “Startling Moniker nominated for “Best Niche Music Blog””

  1. lee Says:

    props to you but i voted for mutant cuz they are a niche music blog although the avant garde [trans: out front] record collecter tends to be a hidden animal, hard to spot in public , we are a niche. many many of his posts are things we have wished for years we could find or afford, but were aware of , i.e. the Nurse With Wound list stuff.[???].
    but props to you as well. well done.

  2. lee Says:

    ”NWW list” as it’s known

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