Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/1/07

So far, today’s broadcast has been a lot of fun. I was surprised to learn that yet another DJ has been given the killer timeslot just before “It’s Too Damn Early,” this being “Sweet Action Radio Hour,” with Nick. Of course, I say “killer” because this timeslot seems to feed on the blood of DJs– between being trainwrecks of one show following another (remember when I came on after hip-hop and before vintage cowboy songs?) and the late hour, a lot of otherwise-fine shows have gasped their last in the early hours before ‘ITDE.”

I’ll admit, I hope “Sweet Action Radio Hour” makes it. I had a nice drive in to the station while listening to David Bowie, and got turned on to a new solo track from Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood, who was apparently turned on by Penderecki.

Listening to this track, I knew I had to follow with Stockhausen’s “Helicopter Quartet,” having recently heard an excerpt of this at the master’s site. Just for kicks, I let the Greenwood track come back in afterward, and play to a close. Nice!

What was most interesting was how open Nick and company (he had a couple guests) were to experimental music and methods. As I’ve noted before, circuit bending seems to be reaching more and more people now, and Southern Illinois is apparently no different. We discussed noise a little bit, and Stockhausen, and netlabels

It’s nice to find new people willing to check these sorts of things out, so naturally, I’m inspired to continue bringing these sounds into the area– and yes, for you too. (link to more below pic)

It’s 5 AM now, and I’m playing from a Mike Hallenbeck compilation of recent sound works, specifically, a long-form piece derived from a recording of a music box playing “Silent Night.” It has long stopped sounding anything remotely like a music box, having mutated into an asthmatic air organ some time back. Mike recently curated a broadcast of Framework, the November 25, 2007 broadcast… you’ll want to check this out when you get a chance.Hey, playing from “An Evening With Charlie J. Moneybags” netted me another confused caller– the first was during Praew Jik, wondering if my radio station was broken– but this time, the caller was thinking the noise was leading up to something… like, “when’s the song gonna break in,” etc. I took some time to try to explain noise recordings, and hopefully, opened someone’s ears a bit. You never know!

Speaking of not knowing– I’m not sure what the names of the 72 Desperate Rebels tracks I’m playing are! Let’s all work together to help keep me looking informed! If you know the titles, leave them in the comment area.

Oh boy, am I tired. I’m working on less than an hour of sleep, courtesy of my youngest child. On the up side, that was the best almost-hour of sleep I’ve had all week, so there’s that to be thankful about. And oh! I almost forgot– I’m going to be covering a broadcast of “Music From Beyond the Lakes” near the end of December… so I’ll have some more info about that in the coming weeks. It should be interesting, I’m going to have to whip out some really terrific ambient material, but also push that line somewhat. It will definitely be fun.

As for other broadcasts, I’m feeling kind of guilty. I put off my Framework episode all year, and now it’s kind of lame to send something at the last minute. It’s a really good show, and there are such fantastic contributors– is it silly to say that I have been a bit intimidated by this? Regardless, my goal is to at least construct it this week, and mail it off. Even if it never sees broadcast, I should follow through on this. Maybe you’ll hear it next year!

By the way, the Muck album “Roc” is one of my new favorites.WAY TOO FUN. I missed this when it came out, so I’ve been making up for lost time and playing it a lot. I estimate I’ve made up for all of 2004-2006. So next week, I’ll have to play you more of this, dig?

I’ll have the show download and the links done later today, post-passing-out. Until then, you can nominate STARTLING MONIKER for “Best Niche Music Blog” over at Hypebot. Just click the link to send them an e-mail.

Thanks for listening! –DaveX

Update: The download is now available, however, it begins somewhere within the Praew Jik material. Luckily, you can hear the first two tracks online already. In other bad news, the recording cuts out in the middle of “Sensation,” by Muck. As always, I ask that you be kind to the artists and labels linked below. I’ve made it easy for you to visit them– and I can see where you click! Don’t be a chump– support this music!

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Helicopter String Quartet (Ascent)
Johnny GreenwoodPopcorn Superhet Receiver (excerpt)
Praew Jik — Auxiliary Lotus Experience
Frank Rothkamm — Temporarily Unavilable OR Descent into LAX
Frank Rothkamm — Los Angeles OR LATV
Frank Rothkamm — Beehive OR Focal Point of Masonic Meditation
DaveX — Britney Spears MediaDefender Remix
Jack Wright, John M. Bennett, Ben Bennett — Conquista
Jack Wright, John M. Bennett, Ben Bennett — Ah Ant Error
Jack Wright, John M. Bennett, Ben Bennett — Foamy Table
Being — Battery Cages II (Side A)
Mike Hallenbeck — Silent Night (Shepherds Quake)
John White — Sailor’s Song
Charlie J. Moneybags — A Big Old Smile
Charlie J. Moneybags — The Sun Will Swallow the Earth
Charlie J. Moneybags — Losing Voice
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 1
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 2
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 3
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 4
72 Desperate Rebels — Untitled 5
Alan Sondheim — Take One
CuriaUntitled track 3
Muck— Sensation
Muck — Marcello’s Angels

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