Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 11/17/07

I’m feeling a lot better this week, compared to last, so I should be back in decent liveblogging form. I’m beginning this week’s broadcast with a recording from Illinois-based Nail in the Coffin Records, a real slice of noise weirdness… Leavenworth. This is one of those discs that comes out of nowhere, and leaves as abruptly as it arrived. Confusing matters more, I can’t quite make out the titles, so I’ve done my best to reproduce them here. While Leavenworth may drive my inner list-keeper nuts, I do dig their sounds; I’ll probably play more Leavenworth later in the show.

Up next is Mike Hallenbeck’s “Tactile: Improvisation,” a net-release on Addenda. It’s been one of my favorite recordings lately, especially the track with the leaves pressed against the mic.

Praew Jik‘s track “Auxiliary Lotus Experience,” from Australian label Smell the Stench gave us one hell of a bold transition out of the Hallenbeck recordings! I’ve been getting a lot of Praew Jik releases lately, and I’m really growing to enjoy what he’s doing with noise– at times, I’m reminded of the more psychedelic work of Merzbow. Keep an eye on Smell the Stench as well; they’ll also be releasing Praew Jik’s “Portent” soon. While you’re visiting, check STS’s netlabel offerings— I’m partial to “Loved Gun” by Lexes, and the untitled release from AUF. Cool stuff!

A new disc from Pogus is always cause for a small celebration. This week, I’m treating you to “An Innocent, Abroad” a work constructed around the core element of Lisa Barnard’s vocal improvisation. With flautists Jacqueline Martelle and Jane Rigler adding separate elements to various portions of the original vocal tracks– without hearing the other’s contributions– “An Innocent, Abroad” begins to accumulate organically… The final result, unheard by any performer, was assembled (along with electronic processing) by Al Margolis.

(At this point, Karthik Kakarala joined me in the studio, and all liveblogging went completely downhill. Be sure to look for him to do a future set on the show, possibly in January.)

I will say a few words, post-show, about some of the remaining items on the playlist. First off, the Crashing the Russian Renaissance live disc is finally out! I played a good portion of this, but not enough… next week, I’m going to have to set aside a longer amount of time. Being one of those people who have trouble with numbers, the ultra-detailed start/stop times of the various tracks are confusing as hell. For our purposes, we’ll just say I played about half this disc. If I tried typing the numbers, I might have a seizure.

Here’s some good news! You can play “Super-Cool DJ” at home, with CLAN, Moon, and Grey Park’s tracks. CLAN’s “Venerdi 17” is freely available at Digitalbiotrope; Grey Park cleverly makes individual tracks available each month to it’s most handsome e-mail subscribers. If you have a strong jawline, and adequate bone structure, be sure to visit Grey Park’s page for the details. Moon’s album, “Like A Day On A Distant Planet,” is freely available at Noise-Joy… yet another reason to visit.

Leavenworth — Leaven Roms
Leavenworth — Wrecked Arise
Leavenworth — Bop Me of Smoke
Mike Hallenbeck — Paper Crumpled Around Mic
Mike Hallenbeck — Mic Dragged Out of Bed
Mike Hallenbeck — Leaves Pressed Around Mic
Praew Jik — Auxiliary Lotus Experience
Al Margolis/If, Bwana — An
Al Margolis/If, Bwana — Innocent
Al Margolis/If, Bwana — ,
Rudis, Custodio, Diaz-Infante — CRR Live, 21 Grand, 6/26/02
Crank Sturgeon — Novasak
CLAN — Venerdi 17, no.1
CLAN — Venerdi 17, no.2
Grey Park — New Torso
Moon — Morning (Acid Rain)
Ctephin — The Golden Germ (Live at IAO)
Hong Chulki — Turntable, Without Cartridge 1
Hong Chulki — Turntable, Without Cartridge 2
Hong Chulki — Turntable, Without Cartridge 3

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