I suppose you’re all wondering what’s been keeping me so quiet lately– I missed blogging at least one day now– so much for NanooBlopPopoo or whatever it’s called. My dog had her puppies this morning, three healthy little creatures intent on doing little more than sleep and eat.

So yeah, after after 5 years, we finally have confirmation that our dogs aren’t gay.

Here’s a couple pictures. Feel free to leave naming suggestions in the comments section!



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5 Responses to “Triplets!”

  1. Ms. S Says:

    As for names – well, do you want things that naturally go in sets of 3? Or is that too cutesy, and you’d prefer independent names?

    I say let your kids do the naming – although if we’d followed that advice, our then-3-year-old would’ve named his then-new baby brother either Waffle or Chair. He couldn’t decide. Luckily his daddy and I came through with a decent name :)

  2. april Says:

    just precious!

    how about duke? i don’t have any other names on the tip of my tongue.

  3. fringes Says:

    Congratulations! Much better than NaBloPooPoo.

    Speaking of poo, uh, good luck in a few weeks!

  4. E Flo Says:

    AHHH!!! Congrats!

  5. Kelly Says:

    Little late on the post….maybe they aren’t named yet though since they’re so little. I think you should name one Capone because they look like they’re going to be tough dogs! Bear would also be a macho name! For a girl dog I like Lady just because it would be funny to yell her name!

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