Alien music

So I’ve been constructing little creatures out of Nickelodeon “Tangles” this evening, just putzing around, basically. These toys are pretty damn ugly– like a bastard offspring of an K’nex and an 80’s Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese commercial– UGLY.


Anyways, having made two such creatures, linked by a fluorescent orange umbilicus, I began dancing them about on the floor. Music being a necessity for these creatures to dance, I made up some alien music…

burr burr burr pop splot burble burble grr pah pah grum burr splot

Or something like that. Apparently, in my mind, alien music sounds a lot like a pitched-down clothes dryer attempting to wrinkle-release a giant tampon. This being vitally important information, I figured I’d share this story with you.

If you have first-hand knowledge of what alien music really sounds like, or own a CD where someone actually put giant tampons in a clothes dryer; feel free to leave a comment.

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4 Responses to “Alien music”

  1. Mrs White Says:

    I’m pretty sure alien music sounds like a cross between Radiohead’s middle catelog and Bjork.

    For the record :)

  2. fringes Says:

    Thanks for tracking me down at NaBlo and for giving me something to do at work today as I read your blog. Your anti-mommyblogger group made me laugh.

  3. Chrissy Says:

    We made creatures very similar to that in the Science class I taught last year. I never thought to add music…..but I bet the middle school boys could come up with great alien music.

  4. E Flo Says:

    I think they are pretty sweet.

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