More free things for you to hear!

I am neatly side-stepping my previously self-made trap of numbering the free things I want to share with you. Last time, three turned into six, and six was nine… and there’s my half-assed attempt to lead into a Jimi pun!

Anyways, let’s kick off the free things with a video, how about it? Sabrina Siegel, one of my new favorite artists, has shared a “making of” short on YouTube. The video shows some of her work constructing “Yom Kippur,” an outstanding track on her recent Pax Recordings release “Grace/Precarious.” I’ll only embed it here if you promise to bop over to her profile and leave a nice comment. Nobody likes sharing their videos and not seeing a friendly comment!

Here’s a cool one for you– Mike Hallenbeck’s must-hear “Tactile: Improvisations” at Addenda. Crumpling paper or leaves around a stereo microphone, dragging the poor thing out of bed early in the morning, or just plain massaging it with his hands; Hallenbeck wrestles an amazing variety of sounds from simple interactions. It’s one of the most physical recordings I’ve heard, and naturally goes great with Siegel’s work above. Any chance I can convince you two to collaborate on a series of long-form recordings involving contact mics, itchy sweaters, and dried pasta? Somehow, I think this would work.

Next stop on this journey is netlabel Digitalbiotope, to download yourself a copy of Kuz.B’s piece “Wenesday By Bus.” The tracks, which were presented as part of the October 8, 2006 portion of that year’s 97-day-long streaming audio festival Le Placard. Speaking of which, I need to sign up for this year’s broadcasts! It’s been too long since I contributed, eek.

While you’re still at Digitalbiotope, you might also want to check out Italian improvisational trio Clan’s release of “Venerdi 17 Improvisation.” This will give you ample opportunity to get acquainted with this outfit– important, because their newest release is the subject of the next paragraph!

To cut straight to it, you can find Clan’s newest set of improvisations, Dur d’ona oregia” at Polish netlabel AudioTong. If your right-click is still strong, be sure to snag LeeDVD’s pop oddity lenajgiwittuju” as well. It’s super-weird, but a fun listen. I may find a place on my jukebox for this one, actually.

Now it’s time to wrap this up. I’m tired, and more or less ready for bed. I’ve got one more for you, though, so let’s be quick– netlabel Zeromoon’s release “Static Attack,” from Ken Yates solo project Caustic Castle. Featuring processed no-input mixing board work, it easily earns the “caustic” portion of the name in the first few moments of the recording. I don’t know a lot about Yates, but I imagine he’d be interesting to catch in a live setting. If anyone has more information about his recordings, be sure to leave me a comment!

Enjoy! –DaveX

2 Responses to “More free things for you to hear!”

  1. blah Says:

    You can find pretty much all his releases as a free download at his myspace page. Just scroll down a bit and look to the right. Each release has a download option.

  2. Dimaension X Says:

    I love discovering new free (& legal) music! That’s why I post most of my music for free – to kind of “pay back” all the great artists out there who create music so that anyone can hear it!

    I invite you to listen to mine if you wish – I’m not sure how to categorize my music – perhaps if you visit my blog and read the REVIEWS in the reviews link you may have an idae of what I sound like (or not…)

    Dimaension X

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