Can’t get enough DaveX?

I followed through with yesterday’s plan, and listened to Eric Leonardson’s students’ broadcast “Locofone” today, on Free Radio SAIC. It was a good broadcast, with enough woozy moments to keep me on my toes, so to speak.


I did end up calling in (twice!) to contribute to the mix, and I’m glad I did. Although I spend a fair amount of time behind the radio controls, it’s another thing entirely to contribute a small portion to another radio show. I was reminded of working on ~Ore~ Prefab Audio Extrapolations with my good friend Tony Youngblood, who currently hosts the new incarnation, ~Ore~ Theatre Intangible, at WRVU-FM in Nashville.

For today’s broadcast, I ended up using Skype to connect with Free Radio SAIC, along with a Dial-a-Story line at the Toronto Public Library. Additionally, I played a recording I made of my “parp whistle.” With Skype in conference mode, I also added Tony’s cell phone to the mix, selecting the option to leave a message. Leaving the blend of Locofone, parp whistle, and Dial-a-Tone simmering in the guts of Tony’s voice mail, I selected the option to review the message; which played back a sort of cellular “remix” of the past couple minutes broadcast. Along with the strange sounds being presented by Leonardson’s students, it worked quite well!

Later on, I phoned in a mix of various foreign internet radio broadcasts, which I processed live in Audiomulch. Altogether, I probably contributed 5 minutes of material to the hour, but it was still a lot of fun.

Lately, there’s been no doubt in my mind that I’m wanting to expand my radio activities in some fashion. Obviously, calling in to other people’s shows isn’t going to cut it, so I’ll lay out some of my possibilities. Let me know what sounds interesting to you!

radio_wrvu.jpgFirst off, Tony has invited me to contribute a bi-monthly show-within-a-show to his ~Ore~ broadcasts. The exact form and length of this segment has yet to be determined, but I’m thinking somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes would be appropriate. He’s hoping I’ll keep a small theme for each of these segments, and provide musical examples of whatever it is I’m discussing. Most likely, I’m making the first of these tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll see how it goes!

Secondly, I’m interested in making some supplemental podcasts to “It’s Too Damn Early.” I get quite a few promotional recordings, and I feel terrible if I can’t get to everything during my two-and-a-half hours a week. Experimental music is often long-form stuff, and I made a commitment long ago to never air excerpted material unless absolutely necessary. My only problem is that these 6, 10, and 25 minute tracks add up to occasionally being able to only play from a handful of cool releases, when I really want to play many more different things!

Because of this, it’s almost certain I’m going to begin making supplemental podcasts to “It’s Too Damn Early.”

I’m concerned that some listeners will treat the podcasts as something like a junior varsity version of the show, which is not my intention– I’m simply trying to find additional time and exposure for worthy material. Naturally, there are also some iffy legal issues to making such podcasts; it’s my hope that my good intentions and the free nature of the downloads will put off any potential bad feelings.

I’ll let you know when the first of these is completed.

Lastly, I’m really trying to get more live music on my broadcasts. While this seems to directly counter my wishes about having more time to play from great recordings, I’m still going to try expanding this aspect of “It’s Too Damn Early” in a big way. Helping to create an understanding and appreciation of experimental music in Southern Illinois is one of my major goals for the show; it is my belief that this cannot happen without some sort of germination of ideas from other areas. “It’s Too Damn Early” can be one such source of information, but live music also helps immensely.

If you’re interested in getting on the air, get in touch!

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