Three free things to listen to!

By now, you’ve surely all detected my manic blogging style– a week of round-the-clock posting; followed by a week of dejected, guilty silence. In my opinion, there are good writers, bad writers, and manic writers who could be good writers if they had any discipline about sitting down to the keyboard.

I offer no apologies, it’s just the way I am.

White County Toll Bridge, Wabash River

Luckily for you, I have no problem checking my e-mail… the point being that many, many interesting messages cross my desktop each day. In the interest of dusting off my”new post” button, I am hereby bringing you THREE FREE THINGS TO LISTEN TO!

Prepositions be damned.

First up is an older net release, but with any luck, you haven’t heard it yet. From one of my favorite outfits, The Painful Leg Injuries, is a stack of 10-minute raucous noise bonanazas called “The Forever Ending Revolutions on Autopilot.” It is available on the Noise-Joy netlabel, who recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. You may also want to grab Praew Jik’s “Astronomical Node” while you’re there, even though if it turns my three free things into four.

Second (or third?) is Nikita Golyshev’s “15 Songs From Glass, Oil, and Other Sources,” a highly experimental work that is so far up my alley it needs a flashlight and a map. Seriously, I dig things like this– and the responsible parties over at Muscovite-netlabel Musica Excentrica should be commended. Continuing my rash disregard for my own title, I also suggest you partake of their “Tribute to Iannis Xenakis” as well.

Lastly, here’s one that I found out about only moments ago– Mudboy’s 2005 release “This Is Folk Music,” which features circuit-bent organs and the stray bit of percussion. It’s a weird one, and charming in its own way. Having three actual releases: Free Matter For the Blind, Last Visible Dog, Breaking World; Mr. Mudboy decided to free this unlikely creature into the wildernet. Although “This Is Folk Music” cannot be tamed, gentle listeners can approach it with caution for free downloads at

Can you stand one more? My inbox never seems to quit, and just as I finished up the links in the previous paragraph, another neat item squeaked in… this being Eric Leonardson’s “Introduction to Sound” students’ upcoming radio broadcast “Locofone”. It will air this November 1, from 2-3 p.m. CST on Free Radio SAIC. Listeners are encouraged to call in with sounds of their own by phoning in to (312) 345-3805. I may give it a go, how about joining me?

3 Responses to “Three free things to listen to!”

  1. dorimedont Says:

    i can also recommend the Logoplasm piece – excellent kosmische drone/field recording work. Logoplasm themselves are happy to describe…

    “…as transrealist space operas, anarchic recollections of days gone by and forth through the uncertain devices of direct imaginary time linking giving way to resonant emotional aggregates; soundwise, it reproduces as multiple layers of intertwined field recordings alongside buildings of drones; plus our chirping, twittering voices engaged in perpetual recollecting”. And, of course, not less importantly, they’ve added: “If observed from an height and listened to at the right, loudest volume it should give you vertigo and functions as the simplest of time machines”.

  2. dorimedont Says:

    oh, and if you like that, you’ll probably like the Kaboom Karavan on Umor Rex as well..

  3. The Painful Leg Injuries Says:

    Dave, thanks for calling us one of your favorite outfits! That’s a great compliment.

    BTW, for more free music, on our site, every Monday, there’s a new free download track from The Painful Leg Injuries, El Plan De Aguavodka, Alex Spalding (owner/operator of Noise joy) and Little Ricky’s House of Chankletas. They are from our podcasts but you don’t need an ipod, there’s links to download every episode.

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