Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 10/27/07

Update: The download for this episode is available now, at the end of this commentary.

I’m happy to be back! I missed last week’s show due to attending Noise FeSTL, so I’m really excited about being here this week– missing shows throws me off completely. It’s really close to Halloween, so I thought I’d play some scary/noisy/strange music to celebrate.

Kicking stuff off is Caves, from the album “Ark,” which compiles a couple previous tape releases with newer work. It’s not nearly as subtle as what I’d heard of Caves live; instead, it’s more along the lines of a bit heavier Davenport freakout. Not exactly essential stuff, but a lot of fun to listen to. For more good times, I recommend you hear it first on your home jukebox, like I did.

Next up… Tuft! The album “Cannibal Fantasy” just has to be played near Halloween, both for the fact that it comes packaged with a finger bone, and that it’s one of the most crunchy, over-distorted discs I’ve heard yet.

I’ve made it perfectly clear that I love Nihil Communication’s stuff before, and it should be obvious why I’m including it on tonight’s broadcast, right? Not much needed to be said here, playing this was a given. But Darren Copeland– betcha didn’t see that coming, eh? Still, some seriously creepy stuff. If it doesn’t give you nightmares, perhaps Elizabeth Clare can help– her “Call for Protection” is from “American Doomsday Cults,” and was recorded at an actual meeting of her Church Universal and Triumphant. Yikes.

The next two tracks are from Free Matter for the Blind’s Hallowee-themed compilation “Sons Epeurants D’Halloween v.1,” which is pretty damn awesome. They’re not kidding about it being spooky stuff.

I got a big package of stuff from Crank Sturgeon the other day… the usual strange assortment of things: sticks, a pageless children’s book, an employee manual, some tapes, and a couple CDs. I’m playing now from “Bark King Haggard,” a cassette release on Barfing Dagger Recordings… spastic dada cutup from one of the best of its practitioners, to be sure. I’ll have more Crank Sturgeon during the rest of this broadcast, so be sure to stick around.

How about another cassette? I’m enjoying the handy “reverse side” feature of WDBX’s tape player, so I’m already on side B of Drenches’ tape “Marble Cuts,” which is a damn good-sounding tape. I’m actually impressed that it sounds as good as it does, I wasn’t sure tapes had the ability to really capture some of these sounds well, but obviously I’m wrong. I got my copy direct, so I’ll have to do a little digging to figure out where you can get yours– you’ll definitely want to check back, because I’m recommending this one. Nice stuff.

I told you I’d get some Davenport on! This is from an Audiobot release of the same name. It doesn’t seem to be available through them anymore– got my copy at Apop, so check the bins! This disc from Free Matter for the Blind is a re-release of the original tape, or perhaps just burned for radio play, I’m not for certain. Regardless, the sound is great, even if the players are somewhat confusing– USA is a Monster, on both sides; collaborating with Kites on A, and Mudboy on B. Got that?

If I have time, I’m playing some Druids of Huge. Looks like I have a couple minutes, so here goes… Thanks for listening! –DaveX

Here’s your download link for this episode. As always, I encourage you to seek out the original recordings, rather than to consider this episode a replacement. Seriously– this is a 64kbps mp3 taken directly from the webstream… it may fool small children, but this is hardly the same thing as owning a nice CDR or cassette tape with the artwork, is it? Ask me if you need any help contacting the artist or label. Thanks!

Caves — Flood Room
Caves — Reaping
Tuft — I Absorb You
Tuft — I Eat Skeletons
Tuft — The VHS Underworld
Tuft — Chew
Tuft — Oh, The Body
Nihil Communication — Sea of Ideology
Nihil Communication — A Supplication
Darren Copeland — They’re Trying to Save Themselves
Elizabeth Clare — Call for protection
Garth Kunkle — Shake it Like Jello and Make it Say Hello
Metis Yeti — Verdun Massacre

Crank Sturgeon — Bark King Haggard (Side A)
Crank Sturgeon — Bark King Haggard (side B)
Drenches — Marble Cuts (Side A)
Drenches — Marble Cuts (Side B)
Davenport — Starry Connection of Diminishing Returns
USA is a Monster, Mudboy — USA Is a Mudboy
Druids of Huge — Ergotism

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