357 scanned photos of photobooth owner!

Aside from the first strip– which I’ll be returning– I have added all these photostrips to my personal collection. There are a total of 357 individual frames of the photobooth owner here, so enjoy! As always, I’ve also included the “abstracts,” and damaged photostrips…

And don’t miss yesterday’s giant update, with found photostrips of random Southern Illinoisians…

The first strip in this set looks like he’s arguing with the camera. Dig the slightly angry look in the first frame of strip two.

Strip three is a favorite– a paradox! Is it out of order, or not? Was this supposed to be used as a warning for future users when the machine was ACTUALLY out of order?

Dig the acrobatics in strip two! I think I scanned this one upside down… regardless, something odd is going on. Also, check out the weird effect on the background of strips three and four… and yay! More “out of order” shots!

Final frame of strip three = hilarious!

Here’s a few that got stuck together. It happens, people– beware!

Another mystery solved. 4 out of 5 photobooth owners use Windex to keep photos shiny and clean.

Some heavy chemical weirdness going on in the third strip… it’s kinda psychedelic, isn’t it?

Strip three– caught with a slurpie!

Dig strip four… the classic “see no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil” pose.

Dig strip two– he’s holding other photostrips in the picture. At least one of them appears to be strip number one…

Praying for the booth to work in strip one…

More strip-within-a-strip action! Strip three is in the last frame of strip four. Cool!

Another slurpie…

I can’t tell whose pic that is in strip two… but strips within a strip are always fun. Also, check the abstraction near the end of strip three. Killer!

The photobooth owner is also a bicycling enthusiast, as evidenced in strip two.

Here are MORE photobooth photostrip scans… also here!

2 Responses to “357 scanned photos of photobooth owner!”

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