HUGE photobooth strip update!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a big fan of photobooths and the photostrips made within them. I don’t mean those new digital things, just the old “dip and dunk” type. Earlier this year, I scanned a large portion of my personal photostrip collection, including the ubiquitous shots of the photobooth owner taken during maintenance.

Since that time, I’ve been trying to catch him somewhere to let him know that there are dozens of scans of him online, as it seems the polite thing to do. I urge you to put this policy in effect as well– if you have dozens of photos of me somewhere online, please let me know, haha.

Anyhow, I saw him a few days back, and told him about the scans. He took it much better than I might have, and promised to hook me up with a large amount of photostrips he’d amassed over the last few years. I agreed that I would only keep the damaged and owner photos, but will return the others– so if you see your photo here, there’s a good chance you can still rescue it! I hope to get the owner photos scanned within the next 12 hours, so be sure to come back and check them out as well!

Alrighty, let’s start on the photos– lots of kissing going on. The best of this set of four is the little girl in the 4th strip. Check that grin! Also, the mom barely moves, even as the baby become increasingly more crazed.

I like the 2nd strip in this set, which I’m now calling “Whose baby IS this, anyway?”It’s as if they took this photo to get some confirmation– “nope, he doesn’t look anything like us!” As for the 3rd in the set, I’ve added it to my collection. That’s a wild shirt, and a great laugh! Dig the chicks in the final frame, making the “oops, we farted” faces…

First frame: boyfriend isn’t into the whole photobooth “thing.” Second frame: Much better! Dig the bewildered guy in the second strip. I love the second frame of that strip– “damn! I gotta figure this booth out!” Bonus points for the use of props in the third strip! Also, a mystery in the last strip of this set… are those white-girl gang signs, or did someone just see Pulp Fiction? You make the call…

I love it when the final frame of a photostrip gets obliterated. It’s like a freak ending to a story. Check out the second strip: joy, insanity, disgust, and a big finale!

Who’s that girl in strip number two? It’s our good friend “Polo Girl,” who apparently has bad luck with photobooths, or a very short attention span! I wonder if this is her kid with the guy from the other photos? Here’s her old photos: ONE and TWO

I added strip three to my personal collection, on abstract chemical merits… also, don’t miss the one-finger salute at the bottom of strip one. Strip four wins the prize for most people in a photobooth scanned in a blog, with six persons!

Strip 4: If my dad wore a camo hat in public, I’d cry too.

It’s not girl-girl action in strip two– that guy is just effeminately emo. Dig the girls in strip four… they’re all but possessed. Yikes!

The guy in strip four doesn’t look all that funny. My guess? She’s drunk.

I like strip three, where a game of abstract Twister breaks out in the last couple frames.

A few very good examples of why the stool height adjust is important…

Ack! Devil worship in strip one, frame four, hahahaha! Also, check the zen intro to strip three. She’s clearly channeling Morpheus or something…

The couple in strip four is hilarious– especially in frame two. I sure hope they get these back. Ditto for mom and son in strip two. Nice use of distance in that strip as well.

Although SOMETHING mysterious happened to strip one, they’re still giving it the thumbs up. That’s the spirit! Check their strange kiss as well… looks like a first for both of them!

The whole “girls kissing girls” in photobooth thing is kinda weird. Straight guys would never do this… so what’s the deal? Same question goes for the hats in strip four.

A double-whammy! Two strips lost in one day! It’s kinda cool that they stayed happy during whichever one came second. Also, dig the “photo in a photo” effect with Napolean Dynamite in strip three!

I adore the white patches on these last two strips– a nice effect! Also, check the sinking girl on strip two…

More hats, more sinking kids. What’s with the stacked-heads look in strip four? Don’t do this– you look like two-thirds of Lil’ Vlad’s snowman.

Strip four is frakkin’ weird. The first panel looks like an unmasked Jawa.

The photobooth operator thinks the girl in strip three will be surprised if she ever runs into this blog. Me too; she looks more like a LiveJournaler… Also, examine Mr. I’m-No-Fun in strip two– he even falls asleep at the end, due to his total BOREDOM. Shh! Don’t wake him up.

Check out frame one of strip three– that’s one of the better portraits I’ve seen from a photobooth. Too bad her beau had to ruin it by popping out of her shoulder! “HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?! I’M THE STAR!!”

We are sinking, due to hat hair interference! (more below, keep scrolling!)

Now we begin the short tour of damaged and completely abstract strips I’m adding to my collection. If you spot yourself here, you will have to contact me for a return of your strip. I will then put you in touch with my gallery owner (played by me) who will attempt to command high prices for these found art objects.

Strip one is a great “oblivion” example… and dig strip four! The pattern of darkness and the scraped bottom portion is awesome-looking!

I love the curved end of photos in strip two… the damage to number three is remarkable, but really cool as well…

I love the top of strip two– it’s completely eerie. Also, what’s with the dude in strip three? He’s BORING!

Frame one of strip two finds dude getting “The Ring” treatment, while the final strip is interesting in how the two heads get increasingly close together. Check the girl’s weird look in the first frame of strip one. Hilarious!

This is all the photos I am sharing for now. Check back later today for the photobooth owner’s photos! Thanks for visiting!

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  3. rolland elliott Says:

    You know what would be really cool is if you could some how rig up a scanner into the photo booth and before the strip was dropped down it would be scanned and digitized. Of course that would probably add a minute to the delivery time and waiting 2 to 3 minutes for your photos in this day of digital immediacy seems like forever.

    Peace, Rolland

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