DJ Mo on co-hosting “It’s Too Damn Early” & “Kids Kamp”

My trip to the radio station was fun! First, I woke up at 3:00 with my Dad. When we got to the radio station my Dad got a new CD!

I announced songs on the radio too.We listened and played music until 6:00. When it was 6:30 my best friend DJ Melts came to play Kids Kamp with us!

I think my favorite song was “Disco Duck”! Here is a picture of me dancing with Melts:

I made a few mistakes on the radio, I was pretty embarrassed. Last time I did better. DJ Melts had fun saying, “Hello, Carbondale!”


One Response to “DJ Mo on co-hosting “It’s Too Damn Early” & “Kids Kamp””

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    […] Here’s Matty Smith, the station manager who was intent on turning WIDB into a total shitpile. As you can see, he was a complete tool. I got him to pose with a sign that had been posted at WIDB since I arrived, allowing me to subtly alter the content for greater veracity. Also present– a very young DJ Mo! […]

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