Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/29/07

Today, I have DJ Mo in the Hi-Life Room with me, helping broadcast this week’s edition of “It’s Too Damn Early,” which is already shaping up to be a good one. Following “It’s Too Damn Early,” I will also be covering “Kids Kamp,” again with the help of DJ Mo– and with one of her friends (whose on-air name has yet to be known.)

This is shaping up to be a rather light liveblogged entry. I can barely call this a liveblog, haha! Don’t let my silence get you thinking I don’t enjoy this music, though– that Ferren Fages stuff on Etude is fantastic, and I’ve had so much good listening time with that David Watson album so far… Obviously, I love the Robert Ashley double disc, “Now Eleanor’s Idea.” As always, Ashley is full of human insight, and has concocted yet another bizarre character set. While I know it’s just my opinion (and who am I to say?) I think Ashley is one of the most important and wonderful artists of our time. I should really play more of this next week!

If you enjoyed the Lona Records discs comprising the first hour of the show, be sure to check out their linked pages, and my meta-review of Lona material from earlier this week.It’s 6 a.m. now, so I’m kinda moving into Kids Kamp mode. Not as much musically, as just thinking about it. Running a kids show is quite a bit different than hosting an experimental one. Does anyone remember Captain Syrup’s Sound Spectacular? Well, there’s a reason why I cut that show short! Children’s programming is much more difficult than you’d think! All I have to do before Kids Kamp is make sure I play these Media Defender remixes– did you know I’m hosting a contest? Perhaps you should enter!

Okay, “It’s Too Damn Early” is over, and I have descended completely into the realm of Kids Kamp– disco, Disney, ducks… it’s a madhouse, but a LOT of fun! Melts and Mo (the DJs, duh) are dancing like crazy, and hilarity has official ensued. Weasels have attacked my playlist-keeping robot, so playlisting cannot continue at this time. Thanks for listening– a download should be available later today. –DaveX

Update: Something failed with the “It’s Too Damn Early” recording, but the entire Kids Kamp recording has survived. If you’re interested in DaveX’s version of a kid’s show, download it now for one-and-a-half hours of weirdness.

‘O’ — O
‘O’ — O
‘O’ — O
Moon — North Neptunian Pole Part 1
Moon — North Neptunian Pole Part 2
Alok — C for Schubert
The Painful Leg Injuries — An Ice Cream Truck Flipped Over and We All Got Some
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Broken Elevator’s Spiral Descent
The Painful Leg Injuries — A Life by the High Tension Wire
Ziya Tabssian — Entre nos peaux
Ziya Tabassian — Chante mon tambour
Ferran Fages — Mes rapid que l’ull
Ferren Fages — Tangent al dit
David WatsonDexter, pt.1
Robert Ashley — Now Eleanor’s Idea

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