No broadcast this week– consolation prize inside!

Just wanted to let everyone know– there will be no “It’s Too Damn Early” this coming weekend (9/22/07) because I have to get some stuff done, and won’t be around. Don’t worry, though, I’m not planning on making a habit of it! In fact, you’ll be getting a double-dose of me the following week, when I cover “Kids Kamp” as guest host. I may even try to recruit DJ Mo, whose knowledge of oddball Julie Andrews lyrics is increasing by the minute.


So no, it’s not the return of “Captain Syrup’s Sound Spectacular,” but I’m sure you’ll find my idea of children’s music to be rather… well, odd. I think that’s worth waiting an extra week for, don’t you?You don’t? Well then… why don’t you download one of these neglected “ITDE” broadcasts? Only one person downloaded the first, and the others have been brought in three times each– so chances are, you don’t have them yet.

“ITDE” 9/15/07

“ITDE” 6/23/07

“ITDE” 6/09/07

One Response to “No broadcast this week– consolation prize inside!”

  1. Ms. S Says:

    Children’s music?! Sweet. I’m so there… now I just have to convince you to do a science-music show!!

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