How about some free music?

As you know, I got shut out this year during WDBX pledge time. I’m a little disappointed, because I know that there are many listeners each week. Because WDBX gets almost 40% of it’s operating budget from its members, it is very important that each of us makes some effort to help out.

So although I don’t have another show that falls during pledge drive, I’ve made up my mind to get at least ONE pledge this year– I can’t have experimental music looking like the poor cousins to shows featuring nothing but the Grateful Dead– I’d have to claw my eyes out, start drinking Pepsi, or something equally terrible like that.

I got a stack of discs in from the Canadian Electroacoustic Community on Monday, shwag that they’re encouraging me to give away in exchange for your support of WDBX-FM. So here’s the deal– send me an e-mail with any pledge $15 or more, and I’ll send you a copy of “Cache 2006,” a 71-minute compilation of the ten highest-placing electroacoustic works submitted for the CEC’s “Jeu De Temps” competition. I’ll also toss in a WDBX sticker good for instrument cases, laptops, or auto bumpers.

I’ll need to know a little info from you, so I can fill out the pledge forms:

Name, address, phone (I’d guess this is optional), method by which you intend to pay (cash, check, money order) and the amount pledged. I have a limited number of copies, so be quick!

One Response to “How about some free music?”

  1. Justin Hardison Says:

    Hey! I’ll pledge $15.00. How should I pay?

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