Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/15/07

Update: This broadcast is now available for download, as a single 64kbps mp3, recorded directly from the net stream. I encourage you to visit the artists and labels linked in the playlist– though I hope you support them better than you do for me, as I was COMPLETELY SHUT OUT this time around in the WDBX Membership Drive.  

Well, my blog host is having some problems tonight… not sure how the liveblogging will go. I’m also slightly annoyed because the time slot prior to “It’s Too Damn Early” has been filled by some random R&B show, which is apparently an excuse for this DJ to host a makeout session with his girlfriend, and his buddy to do the same. ICK. Topping it off, he tried asking me to let him go for one more song. Sorry, I have to sit in that chair later! I told him I like to start my show on time, which should be good enough for anyone, but he was making little comments under his breath as he left– so like I said, I’m slightly annoyed. This means no more 3-hour “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcasts, which I was really enjoying. It also means I’m always going to have this guy trying to bone me for an extra minute, which I hate. We’ll see how it goes.

Looks like the blog host folks are starting to get things sorted out. I hate it when they get “creative” on weekends.

Time is flying by tonight. I know it sounds whiny, but I miss that extra half hour. I guess it takes about that much just to get into “DJ mode” or something… I have so many things I want to play tonight, but I’m not going to be able to get to it all. Am I going to have to start making supplemental podcasts? Anyone interested in hearing something like this?

Regardless of my chronological problems, I have to say that so far, this has been a really beautiful show. Of course, Joan La Barbara recordings are always great, nothing new there… Keith Rowe and Evan Parker’s “Dark Rags” disc is really nice, and it was pleasant to give that a long listen. That’s a disc I picked up too early, didn’t understand, and more or less shelved until recently. As a side note, this is one of the best things about experimental music– I find that as I learn more, I enjoy more recordings. There always seems to be the chance that a recording I don’t like immediately will grow on me after I’ve heard some other relevant material.

The Conure album “The Generation of Our Grandfathers” is fantastic. Edgetone put out Nihil Communication’s “We Are Violent,” which showed me that they do release noise works, but this one takes it a lot farther, and has really deepened my appreciation for Edgetone’s good work.

The Ferran Fages disc from Etude Records, “Cancons per a un Lent Retard,” is also very well-done. I need a few more listens in before I can sum it up for you, but my initial impression is to recommend it. I’m sorry to say that I let Ziya Tabassian’s Ambiance Magnetiques disc “Tombak” sit for a while before I got around to playing it. Tabassian’s tombak playing is thrilling, both for his virtuosity and his willingness to explore the boundaries of his instrument’s capabilities. I’ll probably come back to this disc in my next broadcast.

Aaron Martin and Latralmagog were naturals to program near one another. Though their “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to music making leads to vastly different results, I enjoy reminding listeners that there are any number of musical instrument within arms’ reach right now! As a side note, both Martin’s “Almond,” and Latralmagog’s “A Finger Pointing to the Stars” have lovely packaging in addition to the music. “Almond” unfolds into a poster-sized one-sheet, and Latralmagog’s efforts have climaxed in a drilled paper sleeve, stenciled with woodcut-style typography. Intially, I mistook one of the letters, and read it as “A Finger Painting to the Stars,” which should definitely be reserved for the remix version.

In the last half hour, I worked through some of the Implied Sound/Public Guilt sampler, which has a number of unfamiliar bands turning in very nice work; and also got listeners toes wet in the black waters of the NITCo– Nail in the Coffin Records, now you know. Chica X (no relation to yours truly) is a youngster surely descended from some sort of Shaggs/Solex lesbian union, and her short-and-sweet self-titled disc is now among my very favorites. I played two tracks, which is practically half the disc… I’m going to have to get her first one, no doubt.

Lastly, a sniff of George Korein, from his Naked Mall Rats disc “Somewhere on the Internet”. I’m not surprised in the least to discover that this one is flat-out weird. Nevertheless, as an net junkie, I love it. You’ll hear more from this one next week for sure. Until then, visit the links. Many of these artists and labels have free tracks at the pages, or streaming audio at the least. Take advantage of it and take care until next week. Thanks for listening! –DaveX

Joan La Barbara — Cathing
Evan Parker, Keith Rowe — Dark Rag #1
Conure — The Generation of Our Grandfathers
Conure — Some Vowed Abstinence
Conure — At First, We Didn’t Believe It
Ferran Fages — Mes rapid que l’ull
Ferran Fages — Tangent al dit
Ferran Fages — L’ombra del dit
Ziya Tabassian — Impressions 1
Ziya Tabassian — Varashan
Aaron Martin — Karl Rove
Aaron Martin — Canopy
LATRALMAGOG — A Finger Pointing to the Stars, pt.1
Zu — The Last Portrait of Him Holding a Knife in his Right Hand
Destructo Swarmbots — Sipping on the Fog
Aluk Todolo — Untitled
Darsombra— Drun
The Psychic Paramount — Paris, part two
Chica X — Kickin the Kittens
Chica X — Hey Girl
Naked Mall Rats — There Must Be Somewhere

One Response to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/15/07”

  1. howsthatsound Says:

    Thanks for playing us again Dave, I’m glad you like the CDR. The Pointing/Painting thing was brought to my attention about the time I was to produce it, and I decided almost immediately that I was okay with whatever interpretation the viewer had. However we will continue to reffer to it as “Pointing” for the sake of consistency. It’s interesting to me that you also picked up on the same thing occuring in my piece “gongsoftheaven”. It really makes me want to push that ambiguity even more so all the titles are subject to interpretation in some way.

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