Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/8/07

Update: This show is now available to download as a single mp3 file, taken directly from the net stream. Enjoy it, but do not use it as a substitute for purchasing the actual albums. If you enjoy something you hear, contact me to help you locate the label or artist.  

Tonight’s show is going to be a great one– all-noise, combined with the excitement of membership drive kickoff. This should introduce a interesting dynamic, with lots of stops and starts for the short breaks I have to make every so often!

What you believe this old oddmuse has been married ten years now? It’s difficult to believe, but true. Naturally today’s broadcast goes out to my better half, Miss Information, who has yet to appear on any of my broadcasts. That’s not to say she hasn’t worked her magic behind the scenes; many of my early broadcasts featured Miss Information’s four-track cutups, and she has been instrumental (excuse my pun) in finding ways to supply me with musical gear of all sorts over the years. Happy anniversary!

Finally, I want to thank the ONE person who clicked over to WDBX’s donation page yesterday. Of 183 views, you were the only one who gave it a whirl. Thanks is due, especially if you actually made a donation! For those of you who want to call your pledge in, the number is 618-457-3691.

Okay. Enough old business, let’s get to this broadcast! It’s about 3:45 a.m. right now, and I’m playing from Circle Six’s “Night in Kansas” album, which is just one of my absolute favorite noise discs– both harsh and evocative, a painfully resonant rural statement. I’m going to let it run for a while, it’s too interesting to cut short.

I just got my first caller of the day: “Can you play some Bob Dylan? No, I don’t know anything about experimental music. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Noise? I’m not a fan of noise, I’m a fan of talent. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!”

*sigh* Lovely folks around here, eh? Oh well, fuck her.

Obviously, it’s been a real bear trying to keep up with answering the phone, juggling the discs and controls, and keeping up liveblogging. So far, the playlist is looking accurate– so at least that’s good. I’m having a tremendous amount of fun programming in these short 15-minute blocks. It’s like painting small canvases, or working in minature. I’m finding much more of a distinct structure to each of these sound creations, rather than them becoming some interminable middle. Right now, I’m nearing the end of my meta-Mystified set, which could also be thought of as a really intricate introduction to Mystified’s “Balam” disc on the Bone Structure label. It’s nearly time for another pledge drive announcement, gotta go!

Another odd caller– a little tipsy, talking about how we was trying to tune the radio. It really bothers me when I get an obvious drunk on the phone, and they’re calling from the car. As if talking on a cell wasn’t bad enough while driving. Frankly, I hope the Merzbow sent him into a ditch. It’s better than killing some kid’s parent coming home from a crummy third-shift job. Bastards.

As always, I manage to claim total control of my broadcast, and have completely deviated from the all-noise set here in the last 15 minutes or so. I just really wanted to play this John Wanzel disc, “Pear,” which is not at all new… I just wanted to play it today for whatever reason. It’s a fun way to slow down the show a bit, and do something unexpected. I think I’m coming back to noise for the closer, though!

This show will be available for download sometime this weekend. Thanks for listening! –DaveX

Circle Six — Driving Into Kansas
Circle Six — Passing the State Line
Circle Six — Swan Song for a Kansas (Fred Phelps)
Circle Six — Night in Kansas
Circle Six — Waking Up/Waking Down
Pholde — Epicalyx
Otomo Yoshihide, MartinTetreault — Lyon no. 6, Live at Kafe Myzik
Anla Courtis — Respire un Cordero
Koichi Makigami, Ryoji Hojito — A Japanese Trembling
Koichi Makigami, Ryoji Hojito — A Candid Legend of the Second Floor
Halaka — False Breath
Tuat — God in Mummified Form
Tuft — Finally, the Mighty Sinkhole Opens Up And Swallows You All
Yoko Sato — Guitar and Voice Improvisation
Boyd Rice — Cruenta Voluptas
Masonna — Psychetronics Erectile
Cock ESP — Goin’ for Broke
Cock ESP — Noise Communes Work in Theory, But not in Practice
Cock ESP — Good One
Cock ESP — Long Gone Before Soundcheck (feat. Crank Sturgeon)
Cock ESP — Yankin’ the Powercord
Merzbow & John Wiese — Free Piano
Lexes — Bamboo
Pedestrian Deposit — Kogal Fascination
Kylie Mynoise — Hot Teens Hooked on Cosmetic Surgery
Kylie Mynoise — Torn by Jaws and Claws
Xiu Xiu — Clowne Towne (Nicetape! Version by The Cherry Point)
Tres Quatro — Hardcore Blastbangin’
Warbler — Untitled
Pho (feat. Rose for Bohdan) — Big Pimpin’
Matt Weston — Holler
Grey Park — 50sec Junction
Grey Park — Plane
Mystified — Quick Heat
Mystified — Don’t Ask
Mystified — Chirps and Oscillations
Mystified — Pale Hearts 4
Mystified — Diminiscape
Mystified — Distortion Field
Mystified — Balam
Merzbow — Hypersomnia
Merzbow — Minazo, untitled iv
Merzbow — Minazo, untitled i
Merzbow — Rice 1
Merzbow — Ecobondage
Merzbow — Anti-whaling Song pt.1
Merzbow — Blizzard for Acousmonium
Praew Jik — Perpetuation of her Holy Trinity
John Wanzel — Interlude II
John Wanzel — Pears in Iowa
John Wanzel — Interlude III
John Wanzel — Oedipus
John Wanzel — Capitalistic Ode of Linguistic Being
John Wanzel — Dance
John Wanzel — Unanswered Questions in Iowa
Rabbit Girls — Across the Sky

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