Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/1/07

First off, I want to wish my son a happy birthday! He’s an “It’s Too Damn Early” veteran, having proved his mettle by sleeping through numerous shows– in master control, no less– while still a youngling. Although he’ll be curled up in bed, no doubt stealing my favorite pillow, this show goes out to him. Happy birthday, ‘Pucky’!

I’m an hour into the show now– there seems to be no real way for me to do any decent liveblogging– the broadcast is simply too demanding. I will try to keep the playlist updated, though. At present, I am utilizing four disc players, multiple instances of mp3 players, two turntables, a cassette player, and the Simultaneous Translator to create what you’re hearing. Now that I think I have many of the kinks figured out, I know next week’s show will be ever better!

Also– this playlist is NOT in order, not even close. I’ve done my best to get every track listed, but I may have neglected some– especially where a disc ran partially into the following track. Sorry!

Fe-Mail — Navrattan Korma
Brizbomb — Live at KBOO-FM 3/15/07
Electric Kitten Vomit — Gear
Electric Kitten Vomit — 17th Floor, Mae Smith
Tuft — Bloodbath
Ctephin — To Know
Circle Six — Glitch Core
Circle Six — White Swan
Circle Six — Cutting Up the Rest IV
Axes — Crystalline
Axes — Lords of Space
K. Stockhausen — Mantra (excerpt)
Sabrina Siegel — Drop Bow Down Cello
Scott Smallwood — Energex
~Ore~ — Spiro Speaks Out
Andrew Chadwick — German Vowels
Pholde — Terminal Division
Inu Yaroh — Guitar Noize
Praew Jik — Angeldust Wet Dream
Okamasan — 29 Needles
Praew Jik — Bleached Deluge in Negative 1st Movement
Sissy Spacek — Untitled
Friends Forever — Deep Space
Psicklops — Psicklops
KK Rampage — Lowlife Lousy Little Puke
KK Rampage — Self-obsessed and Humorless
KK Rampage — Fork in your Pussy
Occasional Detroit, Gaybomb — Check 1-2
Aube — Fast Tumbling Blaze
Non — Carnis Vale
Crude — Anomie live
Crude — Cultivate Unreliability Remix
Crude — Cyto-Fuck Thrust Remix
Crude — Jungle Workout
QR Ghazala — Ashes on the Altar
QR Ghazala — Valkyries Of Asgard
Mystery Hearsay — Illusive Embodiments
Aaron Martin & Machinfabriek — Cello Recycling
Merzbow — DAS
Ctephin — 300 Negative
Aube — Ricochet
Merzbow — Tract 3
Phroq — Frequency Ronin
Phroq — Kouhei, the Noisy Samurai
Merzow — 1339
Guilty Connector — Needles for Pins
Rubbish — Nine Kinds of Evil
DaveX — The Hummer
Noiser Luo — Fucking Noisehead
Noiser Luo — Repair the Radio
AUF — AUF, pt.1
Lexes — Bamboo
XDUGEF — Keep this a Secret
Mix Ape — 88 ft. Tape (excerpt)
Crank Sturgeon — Leavy Leir
Crank Sturgeon — Lo Mismo Ut Onger
Gen Ken Montgomery — Father Demo Swears
Mystified — Pressure
Mystified — Behemoth
Yermo — Yermo
Rapoon — Zoom Extract 2
Nagaoag — Yama Labam A (excerpt)
The Flying Luttenbachers — The Sun is Bleeding
Kurt Schwitters — Ursonate (excerpt)
Pythagora — Who Are You?
Masonna — Frequency LSD (excerpts)
Alok — C is for Schubert
Ophibre — Puzzle Piece
Muslimgauze — Tear Gas (pt.1)
Muslimgauze — Tear Gas (pt.2)
MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse — Buzzsaw Outlet
MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse — My Mic
MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse — Hit City
MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse — ppp
Francisco Lopez — Untitled #94
Deano Merino — Vomithose
Deano Merino — Spaceman
DaveX — ITDE Theme “Thrills and Kicks”
Merzbow — Rembrandt Assemblage

Update: The download for this broadcast is now available. Feel free to leave me a comment, and let me know if you enjoyed the show. Thanks for listening! –DaveX

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/1/07”

  1. tangerinebreem Says:

    This looks awesome – I’ll have a listen!

  2. BRIZBOMB Says:

    very tasty! thanks!

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