Electric Kitten Vomit!

Of Sound Mind blog author (and one-half of improv duo LATRALMAGOG) Ethan asked me about my old Electric Kitten Vomit project this morning, wondering if I had a digital copy he could dig on. After uploading this collection of random sound experiments for him, I realized that I might as well share it with the lot of you.

The file is available for seven days or 100 downloads, so either way, you should get it quick if you want a copy. I’ve just re-upped this album. It will be available with unlimited downloads for the next 30 days. Enjoy!

A bit of history: Electric Kitten Vomit is a discontinued project of mine that I named from my champion attempt at concocting the worst band name possible. Electric Kitten Vomit, or EKV for short, saw two full-length releases. This is the second, “The Avant-Garde Revolts,” re-issued by the fine Public Eyesore label that same year. If you enjoy this download, you might consider contacting them for a physical copy. I’m not making any money off it, but Public Eyesore works very hard to put out interesting and worthy releases, so your money will at least help this continue.

The download package contains high-quality mp3 versions of each track, as well as the cover art.

Be kind, and enjoy! –DaveX

6 Responses to “Electric Kitten Vomit!”

  1. howsthatsound Says:

    Nice Dave! Glad to see this out there in the world being heard. I’m listening right now and liking it a lot!

  2. Daniel Thompson Says:

    Hey, I have Electric Kitten Vomit on my hard drive.

  3. Sonney Dey Says:

    Hey I don’t mean to breech your privacy.
    But are you the “Dave X” dude that violates
    an old Casio SK-1 keyboard among other
    assorted diabolical electronic seekings in your
    quest for the genesis of non commercial, pure
    and unadulterated sound?

    If so, then I’m here to say, “Dave, I am your

    Hell yes, my Son, Brother X, turns out I’ve got an original out of the first 40, and now I’m freaking about how out of the blue I find it on Thur. the 24th, and now on Sat. the 26th someone asks you about it (EKV) out of the blue, and you offer it up despite the torturous memories its initial reception brings back to you.

    And it gets more crazy, Dave. For indeed as you were preparing this blog entry and the download link, I was at the same time writing a massive entry on another blog of yours(I think it was yours, or a .com or something telling about some music review or something).
    And I was telling about EKV’s anguish, and feeling rather big-headed about my Pulitzer effort and how you’d be in tears of joy over the fact that an original of the first 40 EKV copies was FINALLY out of purgatory and being listened to.
    Then the whole over winded blog entry I was so proud of flat cyber disappeared except for the first 6 lines? I tell you DaveX, EKV and its #4 “Purification” selection is BACK, and it’s pissed!

    Did I say I am your Father…………..?

    Not really, but I did accidentally come into a copy
    of EKV Avant-Garde Revolts (”Electric Kitten Vomit”)and its data CDR.
    Just found it on the 24th after ages of it being
    hid away in a closet.
    Well thought I’d see if you were still kicking.

    I just found my valued copy of EKV yesterday. I forgot which album it came out of all those years ago at the Marion, Illinois Goodwill thrift store.

    I didn’t have a computer back then, so I was fucked as far as the data disk.
    Tossed the mofo aside after having a troubling thought that someone on “Meth” probably made that CD (sorry, Dave, REALLY!).

    But now, years later, I find my EKV CD and data CDR disks, and I am wiser now shall we say and actually digging it, especially “Drone,” which I could not’ve known that name or seen your wise writings till I grudgingly entered the computer age.

    But hell, what until I only knew as #4 until I found “Electric Kitten Vomit” and its CDR on the 24th and seen on the computer that it’s called “Purification,” now that motherfucker is dangerous! Purification is like the big kid in gym class that throws hard and has nimble hands and is ALWAYS the last one left standing in a game of dodge-ball.

    Fuck! When I listened to Purification on cranked up headphones years ago it was in ignorance, because I hadn’t the ability to heed your warning in the CDR being I wasn’t in the computer age yet back then. It TOTALLY beat my ass down and OWNED me for my crime of making a game out of if, a childish challenge that I fell for because of its starting low volume. Thought I’d play “Chicken” with it, ya know… BIG MISTAKE!

    I was like, “Fuck-it, bring it on you motherfucker” and cranked up the lower beginnings of it and endured the whole 7 min. some odd sec. of it and like to blew a gasket in a bad way. Turns out I wasn’t ready to properly receive Purification that day and it bit me bad for making a redneck game of hardball burnout out of the experience, whoa.

    I can’t remember what junk album my EKV came in. And my only thought was that the sharpie pen stuff was just advertisement for an Indi band and thought, “More POWER to the motherfuckers, hell YEAH!”

    And I don’t remember any custom art pasted to the album, but me did drinks a bit back then.

    I did have a “Green Beret” album I picked up there at the Goodwill, but all I remember is that it had practically gravel road sound quality, and I ceremoniously cracked it over my knee and threw it in the trash.

    But I’ve got this horrid memory about feeling the vinyl bump up against your EKV inside the album(i was putting a bad sounding record back in the sleeve so’s to prevent shards of record blinding me when I cracked it over my knee(HEY, it’s a hobby! )). Then I reached in and retrieved EKV.

    Two years later I entered the CD age and finally listened to it, and I remember thinking that I’d like to fuck the “Jenn” gal that sang(?) Jenn’s Pizza Song(Hey, I was still drinking back then, alright?).
    Then like I said, years went by until I became of the computer age, and only accidentally found EKV yesterday when cleaning out a closet, then quickly put it on the tv DVD player while I absorbed your hallowed, wise words on the CDR here at the Dell computer, Dr. Dave!

    Thank-you SO MUCH for this unexpected gift of soothing freak-out sounds.
    And, yes, I’d still fuck “Jenn.” LMMFAO, you hated that bitch’s Yoko role SO BAD that you didn’t EVEN mix out her coughing on her vocal or her sheepish “what?” when ya’ll is like, “Fuck it, Jenn, that’s YOUR track, we’re through with it!”

    Anyway, this is basically an embellished e-mail that I sent to you yesterday at the now disabled DaveX@siu.edu addy that was denied.

    This morn I’d wrote a massive entry on your Startling Moniker blog(or however you spell that), that was a rambling tale of how EKV endured years of being forgotten there in my closet organizer. But the nearly whole thing cyber disappeared strangely right when I was about to send it?

    I truly think that nearly total disappearance of that blog comment was EKV’s ultimate payback to me. EKV is angry about all those years I ignored it every time I reached into the closet organizer for a junk old sock to use as a Lemon Pledge dusting rag.

    Only your dear EKV can truly know the depths of its anguish. What with its hurt feelings about the numb scull local DJs and the ridicule it got from the piss ant faculty at the worthless-as-titties-on-a-boar-hog SIU-C party school music department(lower case letters!).
    And even the Professor that you liked, the way he gave EKV back to you and dished it, only to then two-faced write about it without mentioning you its main creator in an academic publication ?

    Saying, “After certain of Electric Kitten Vomit’s selections I felt refreshed after the arduous drive and ready to meet the days toils!”
    That motherfucker, I’d like to duct tape headphones on to his ears and crank up all the way the Purification #4 tune against his will.

    Hope all’s well with you Dave.

    Sincerely, Malcolm “Sonney” McShannon, III

    604 South Market

    Marion, Illinois SonneyMcDey@Yahoo.Com


  4. Sonney Dey Says:


    I jumped the gun there.
    I stand by everything, except that the male Instructor was actually a good guy, although it WAS insensitive of him to return your gift to him.

    I went to the Link and read “Ms Lucia’s” thing, and see how that WAS a hurtful incident.

    I get a kick out of how she boasts that your appraisal of her class would’ve been “more effective” had you not told her Dept. Chair that you were in fact leaving University also.

    Ha, she knows that she was and probably STILL IS a leech and lucky “Hanger On” of the State University Systems of this out of kilter and shameless educational system. It’s a political and family affair over there at SIU-C and JALC as well as everywhere else in America.

    Witness how Mr. Chancellor the Glen Poshard dolt was given his “review” about his plagiarism and lack of proper method on his Ph.D thesis by an in house committee over there at SIU-C. Ha, he was put in a not so scary position of having his own worthless-as-titties-on-a-boar-hog brethren act as his possible executioners. Ha, it NEVER was going to happen– his ouster.

    Likewise, Ms Lucia was NEVER going to be weeded out. And you, the stereotypical “Little Guy,” knowing that college wasn’t what you’d wanted it to be, and the other slings & arrows adding to that anguish -as you’ve honestly assessed to-in addition to the likes of Ms. Lucia, did depart on your own accord. But then, knowing that you were gone, she in all her protected by the “tenure” and/or protective “all in the family umbrella” of State Education security, STILL did manage to justify putting a dig in on little ole emotionally hurting you.

    It was shameless of her, DaveX, because it’s not like she did it(her opinion piece)to get back at you for some tongue lashing she’d got from her Dept. Chair because of your complaint. For there NEVER was any review of her classroom techniques, but instead probably only a memo to her saying that you were pissed and that the FBI had been informed about you in the event that she ever met harm as well as the University.

    That’s not paranoia, Dave, but a probable truth.
    The same thing happened to me because of my unrest about how I was being treated over at Franklin/Williamson Human Services during the worst of my major depression back in the 80s.
    They were TOTALLY treating my major depression problem like a joke back then. And knowing that my unemployment was a huge bug-a-boo, they insisted on NOT setting me up for job/education evaluation tests with DORS (Dept. Of Rehabilitation Services).
    Instead, they made me go for idiot “Counseling” sessions 3 friggin’ times a week, and they insisted on THAT, not because it was helping me, but because they were under pressure to fill all the Counseling appointments so they could cry to the state for MORE MONEY on the grounds that they needed more Counselors.

    Well, they got their $money$, but then they scaled back on their Counselors and gave their “CEO” Dave Melby a huge $raise$ so’s to keep him from jumping ship and going to a rival County’s mental health clinic along with his neat skills of garnering State/Fed $fund$.

    It was a cruel joke. And I marched in one day and called for my own impromptu “Staffing” and cussed everyone there blue in the face.
    Of course, when I arrived back home I was ambushed by 25 Town/County/State fucking Police and hauled to Choate Mental Health, LOL.

    I do not write this to suggest that all is for naught and that it’s a Mad, Mad world that’s hopeless. No, I only mean to convey that it’s a crazy place indeed, and that the likes of you and I will only survive if we continue to let mentions of faulty uses of the “inappropriate” word roll off us like water on a duck’s back.

    “They” would love it, when I say, forgive them, for they totally know what they’ve done, and we can’t do anything other than call them on their shit and laugh.


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