STARTLING MONIKER in Technorati’s top 100K!

Rather soon after I began writing STARTLING MONIKER, I made breaking into Technorati’s top 100,000 blogs one of my goals– and I’m very happy to say that I finally did it, entering at 99,303!


I’m especially happy to see that this is possible without the aid of spam, viral video, misleading headlines, and compromising photographs of young pop stars. To my readers, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks for your readership and for your support. Thank you! –DaveX

5 Responses to “STARTLING MONIKER in Technorati’s top 100K!”

  1. criminyjicket Says:

    admit it…it wasn’t as hard as you thought was it? i think i’m like 66,000 and didn’t really do anything to accomplish that.

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    Actually, it WAS difficult. Remember, you’re writing about everything from politics to Harry Potter. It’s not exactly a fair comparison.

    Besides, you’re getting my blog all wet, what with raining on my parade and all.

  3. criminyjicket Says:

    chuckle…didn’t mean to…tell you what…i’ll link to the post and get you another technorati point. *L*

  4. dorid Says:


  5. The Painful Leg Injuries Says:

    Well deserved attention, congrats!

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