Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/28/07

I’ve started today’s broadcast about 30 minutes early, having arrived at the station and found that nobody is currently broadcasting. No sense having dead air, right? I enjoy starting off with a single long work; today I am beginning “It’s Too Damn Early” with ‘O’ and Moon’s “MoonOphonique Part II,” a limited-edition mini-cdr from Lona Records. The other mini-cdr is on Burning Emptiness, a copy of which should arrive soon. Expect to see an interview with Yann of ‘O’ in the coming week as well!

I wrote a lot of reviews yesterday, one of which was for Jeff Knoch’s Eyes Like Saucers disc “Still Living in the Desert,” which I have been enjoying. It will be out very soon on Last Visible Dog Records. Here’s a couple tracks for all you lovely radio listeners.

I just realized that I somehow forgot my Transhumans disc, “Into the Maelstrom,” at home. How has this happened? Next week, I will make it up to you, I promise.

Tell you what– how about I play some new stuff from the Hymns label? At least, I think this is a Hymns label release… there is some definite confusion on my end, too many aliases, side projects, and split releases have injured my cranium. No, this seems to be an Isle of Man release. I need to make contact, obviously– the confusion must end!

Nitpicking issues aside, I’ve got a Gaybomb/Zack Kouns split LP, so I’ll start with the Gaybomb side and go from there. This album is like lock groove crack– completely repetitive dada weirdness. Obviously, I’m enjoying it! Then again, I can’t resist messing with things. A little blending going on now… two LPs battling for air. The Occasional Detroit Gaybomb split emerges as the victor, “Check 1-2,” what a strange track. To be fair, they’re all strange tracks. It’s their complete insistence on being themselves that makes listening a compelling experience, though. Dig this Zack Kouns side: part whispered song-poem, part reverberant percussive muttering, bathed in tape and microphone noise. Hmm.. I may have to play some ACTUAL Hymns stuff later!

Not now, though. I really want to get this Shelf Life disc “Ductworks,” on the air, even if it means having to put these Mavis-Beacon-Teaches-Typing titles in my playlist. This is a good album, especially with the lights down low, stretching into morning time… ah, another gray Southern Illinois dawn, ugh.

Now I fade you into Ironing’s “Pocket Almanac,” a “live” set already in progress… This is actually a recording of a live Ironing performance 10/20/06 at Pocket Sandwich, opening for Nautical Almanac. Being Ironing, it naturally contains numerous shreds of microcassette abuse, samples from previous releases and shows, and an unhealthy dose of magnetic radiation. This is actually quite a noisy Ironing disc, loads of distortion permeate the recording, parting only for the rumble of over-amplified cassettes moving at slow speed and the occasional Southern-style bass thump.

I’m going to wrap up this blog for now. Getting pretty tired, and who knows what nonsense I may type while half my head is dreaming? I’ll probably finish off the show with this Nagaoag disc, “Yama Labam A,” which is among the many I have reviewed this week. Feel free to go read that while you wait for me to post the download of this show. It will be up later on today. Until then, thanks for your listenership and for your support! –DaveX

Update: This show is now available for download. Normally, I don’t edit shows, but I felt uncomfortable providing a recording of the entire ‘O’/Moon album, so I snipped off the beginning. As always, I do not intend for this download to be a substitute for purchasing albums from the artists or labels listed here. If you require any assistance locating an album or label, let me know.

O’/Moon — O
‘O’/Moon — O
‘O’/Moon — O
‘O’/Moon — North Neptunian Pole pt.1
‘O’/Moon — North Neptunian Pole pt.2
Eyes Like Saucers — Delusion of Reference
Eyes Like Saucers — Still Living in the Desert (and mostly inside my own head)
Area C — Star Names
Marco Oppedisano — Karmicom
Marco OppedisanoThree Short Electronic Pieces: What’s That Noise?
Marco Oppedisano — Three Short Electronic Pieces: Did You Hear That?
Marco Oppedisano — Three Short Electronic Pieces: The End is Near
Gaybomb — A Bomb A Nation
Occasional Detroit / Gaybomb — Check 1-2
Occasional Detroit / Gaybomb — 5:59
Zack Kouns — Native’s Orphans (excerpt)
Dereck Higgins, Dino Felipe — Properties
Zack Kouns — Native’s Orphans (some more)
Dereck Higgins, Dino Felipe — Ribbons
Zack Kouns — Native’s Orphans (the rest)
Shelf Life — tkcrdsuow
Shelf Life — cuswodkrt
Shelf Life — wkuctdrso
Shelf Life — rctuwdsko
Shelf Life — sotukwdrc
Ironing — Aquisition of Misery
Ironing — Bumper Luau
Ironing — Won’t You?
Ironing — Microscrewed, Microchopped
Nagaoag — Yama Labam A (excerpt)

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