I like photobooths!

Ever since I was little, I have enjoyed taking my picture at photobooths, as well as seeing the photos that others have taken. Every so often, I’d find a lost photo, and add it to my informal collection of random odd photographs. After seeing the film “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain,” which featured a character who collects photobooth pictures, I started looking at these photos in a new way. I was surprised to see how frequently I could find discarded photos, given the tiniest of efforts at checking my local booths.

I’d been wanting to put these online for a while now, but was not looking forward to the repetitive scanning and re-sizing this would entail. Regardless, here they are! The first seven sets are obviously my photobooth owner, who takes these pictures while maintaining the machine. He is aware that I collect his photos, and will occasionally provide me with a particularly interesting one he has found by slipping it into the side of the machine for me to grab later on. He also has a terrific collection of photos, mainly of girls flirting with the camera– the best of these often end up under the plexiglass cover of the photobooth itself– a sort of shrine to college girls willing to fondle each other, or “kiss” the camera.

As you can see, my own collection is much less focused:

The second strip below is one of my favorites. I really enjoy the vertical striping effect, and the booth-owner’s downward gaze. It’s a pretty awesome strip, especially given its accidental nature.

I like this set of strip below. The booth owner is totally mugging for the camera. I like the “see no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil” series in the first strip!

I’m not certain the fourth strip is the booth owner, but it seems likely.

It is surprising how many people make an “I’m going to eat your ear” pose in photo booths. Notice the girl in the third strip, who is wearing the same Polo Jeans t-shirt as another strip I found at a completely different time.

This set has two of my favorite strips, numbers 2 and 4. Number 2 gets big points for the use of props, which is not as common as I would have thought. Number 4 is just hilarious, with the comical faces these girls are making– especially in the second photo down.

Some chemical problems lend an abstract look to the second strip, and you have to appreciate the guy’s goofy happy face in the last photo of strip 4, following his kiss.

Here’s the Polo Jeans t-shirt girl again, on a totally different find. The boy in the first strip is making some strange poses– the “I’m gonna hit you, sucka!” the right and left smelly armpit pose, and a pouty boy-band look. Strip 4 is notable for how incredibly boring this guy is.

Strip one needs to learn to sit down in the photo booth, but gives us an interesting waist-level tableau. Strip two is one of the most interestingly abstract strips I have. Strip 4 gets points for trying some poses, but seems to have no clue what to do with herself. She could have adjusted the stool a bit, too!

Another sneak-attack kiss, in the third photo of strip one. Dig his post-kiss happy face. Truthfully, he looks pretty happy even in the second photo. It’s too bad these folks didn’t keep their picture, looks like this was a good day for them. Or check strip two– probably a mother and her son. Who throws this sort of thing away?

Strip one has some girls I used to see at the mall every now and then. More chemical goodness for strips two and three!

Strip three is one of my all-time favorites, not only for the high-contrast look of the photos, but for the somewhat photogenic little girl. And she’s using a prop! Her parents must have gone to a bit of work making sure she looked nice for her photo, and then tossed it. Why?

Some more kissing going on in strips two and four– and a nice abstract strip of photo zen in number one. Weird!

Sometimes, I find strips that have been ripped in half. I guess they liked the rest of the photos, but not these ones? The conehead-guy in strip one is sort of disturbing, and I’m still wondering what the heck that is invading the booth at the top of strip two. Finally, in the last strip (well, not really a strip, but just a single photo) you can see a certain blog author and a kid he no longer remembers at all. I’m about two-and-a-half years old here. I hope you enjoyed these photos!

If you enjoyed these, dig my updates here and here!

7 Responses to “I like photobooths!”

  1. Sister Novena Says:

    Some of the best pictures of me I’ve ever seen were taken in London Underground photobooths. Just something about that flat light that smooths out all the imperfections.

  2. Heather Says:

    Wow. nice idea. This collection has a really strange feel.

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  5. thatbeegirl Says:

    love this, thanks for scanning and sharing!

  6. photoautomat Says:

    Keep them coming.
    Check my blog http://photoautomat.wordpress.com/

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