Nagaoag — “Yama Labam A”

Here’s a weird one for you– Bryan Day and Luke Polipnick on an uncredited, somewhat secretive un-Public Eysore release; complete with spasms of flayed drums, random miniature clockwork noises, and Tom-Waits-channeling-Yamantaka-Eye vocals.


Like many of Day’s collaborations, listeners are more or less required to meet the music on it’s own terms; those expecting Nagaoag to greet them halfway will be sorely disappointed. Indeed, even for experienced listeners, there is precious little to prop one’s self up with. The code-like boxes covering the entire of the inside cover mimic liner notes, inviting the curious to give up more than a moment in fruitless study.

Of course, Nagaoag doesn’t want to give anything away too easily. Your attentions are better spent actually listening to the distorted, plonky guitar in aimless reverie; the chattering marimba backdrop, and an occasional rush of cymbal splashing against Day’s distressed Goldthwait-ian yelpings… “The world becomes me!”

Although I don’t think the voice additions always work on “Yama Labam A,” I’m highly impressed to find them at all. It is obvious that extended or avant-leaning vocals are a tremendously difficult and challenging medium, especially when used as a major element in a long work. This took guts, and should be commended, especially in an experimental format where a certain amount of mistakes or failure is to be expected.

2 Responses to “Nagaoag — “Yama Labam A””

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