Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/21/07

I decided to start today’s show with a long piece from the Timeless Pulse Quintet, from their self-titled Mutable Music release. This is really terrific music, full of subtleties, completely the product of confident and experienced improvising musicians. It occurs to me that the line-up of… well, older folks on the back cover just wouldn’t be possible on a popular music release. Frankly, unless you’re a blues musician, musical prospects seem fairly bleak for anyone over 30. How strange it is that so much music shuns the contributions of its elders? I’m glad this isn’t the case with the music I enjoy– where Pauline Oliveros and Reynols exist on the same album, Robert Ashley’s latest release in hand can cause me to run to the stereo, and Jandek is practically a rock star.

Next up is Shelf Life, with the album “Ductworks.” Typing out the letter-jumble titles for the blog is like being in touch-typing class, but I struggle through for you, dear reader. Be sure to read my review of “Ductworks,” posted a few hours earlier… I sure hope everyone is enjoying these tracks, because I’ve run over my time for underwriting to let you listen to them. Gotta be flexible, I suppose.

I have to admit that I’m not as ‘into’ this A_Dontigny album, “Geisteswissenschaften,” as much as some of his stuff I’ve heard in the past. Still, there is a lot going on that is interesting– the production is fantastic, and I’m enjoying some of the smaller sounds. On the other hand, this is one of the guys from Napalm Jazz (and morceaux_de_machines, one of my all-time favorites!!) and I can’t help but see this relatively tame album as something of a step backwards. I’m hoping this is just me in an odd mood, because I really want to like this one!

Next up the top five winning entries from the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s “Jeu de Temps” 2007 competition. I have a little more written about this at an earlier entry, which also has links to mp3 versions of each of the compositions. Just so you know, I’m playing them starting from fifth place, and counting up to number one– just like a strange version of Casey Kasem, haha.

And hey– Fire Museum Records sent the new Pulga disc, “Pulga Loves You,” the work of a couple of my online pals, Vanessa Rossetto and Valerio Cosi. This is a really enjoyable album– familiar in some spots, but mostly taking sounds in a unique direction. With such a well thought-out flow to the album, it’s a shame I only had time for two tracks this week! Perhaps next week, I’ll see about getting a couple more on for you to hear, eh?

Here’s a task for you: out-dub King Tubby. Can’t be done, you say? You haven’t heard Krapp’s “Fubars King Tubby” EP, where the dub master himself is sole sample contributor to dub/noise/collage re-imaginings of his work. These aren’t straight remixes by any means; they function more as aural musings on the relation of his technique and innovations as they relate to contemporary experimental work– and yes, it sounds good.

Speaking of contemporary experimental work, Rothkamm’s “FB03” is out, a strong final piece in the “FB0-” triptych. Rothkamm; ultramodern, hyper-futurist that he is, hasn’t stopped being able to leave my jaw on the floor, agape with wonder at the intricacy and otherworldliness of his music. It’s been said that a sufficiently advanced technology would appear to be magic to lesser creatures– a statement along those lines is applicable here. I have an older, but still very readable, interview with Rothkamm here.

I finished off the last few minutes of the show with a quick blast from The Painful Leg Injuries, who have a nifty little mini-cdr, “The Quicker Are the Encumbered,” out on Lona Records, a Hong-Kong based label. As always, you have to love the titles of their work– though it must have been hard to fit them all on the mini-cdr cover. Next week, I plan to showcase some more Lona Records material– including one from long-time DaveX favorites O and DDN! As you can guess, I’m incredibly excited about this.

Here’s the full download of this broadcast, as a single mp3 file, recorded from the radio stream. If you require any information about any of the artists or labels on this broadcast, don’t hesitate to ask me for assistance. Thanks for listening! –DaveX

Timeless Pulse Quintet — 21
Shelf Life — tkcrdsuow
Shelf Life — cuswodkrt
A_Dontigny — Koons
A_Dontigny — Pruitt-Igoe
A_Dontigny — Tatline
A_Dontigny — Aufbau
A_Dontigny — Die frohliche Wissenschaft
A_Dontigny — Quelque chose d’informed
Félix Lebrun-Paré — La volonté du périscope
Olivier Girouard — Le pont du souvenir
Thierry Gauthier — Cycles
Georges Forget — Orages D’acier
Dominic Thibault — Nuit noire, Nuit grise
Pulga — Return to the Forest of Shoes
Pulga — Still It Rides Me
Krapp — Krapp Fubars King Tubby, pt.1
Krapp — Krapp Fubars King Tubby, pt.2
Krapp — Krapp Fubars King Tubby, pt.3
Rothkamm — Untitled 1
Rothkamm — Ancient Meats
Rothkamm — Untitled 3
Rothkamm — Railroad Xing
The Painful Leg Injuries — An Ice Cream Truck Flipped Over and We All Got Some
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Broken Elevator’s Spiral Descent

One Response to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/21/07”

  1. The Painful Leg Injuries Says:

    Thanks for playing Marco’s and PLI’s material, as always you are awesome.

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