Liveblogging! “ITDE” Commentary for 7-14-07

I started this show about 15 minutes early, giving the previous host enough time to clock back in at his job– see? My radio station has very committed DJs! Anyhow, I decided to put some of Agusti Martinez’s solo album “Are Spirits What I Hear?” on. This is a very solid release from Etude Records, and certainly one to grow on. Martinez’s solo saxophone explorations don’t give up their secrets in the first few listens; instead, he makes shadowy constructs– real enough until you try to get hold of them!

I kicked off the show proper with Sabrina Siegel, more from her “Grace/Precarious” album which I am simply thrilled with. I have been telling everyone about this album, so if you haven’t got the clue yet, you’re dense enough for light to bend as it passes you. I also did an interview with Ms. Siegel, which I fear is being buried as I add entries to this blog. Go read it now!

Noggin’s “Two Violins” string abuse was a good lead-out from the first few moments of Sabrina Siegel’s “Drop Bow Down Cello,” one of my favorite transitions lately. I always enjoy trying to make nice transitions between things– more than just fading one thing out and popping on something else, which is boring!

Looks like Matt Weston ran with some of what I said about his previous discs not going “far enough to quite become a noise release”– he sent in a “cd single” (a format I don’t often see, personally) and the track “Holler” just about blows me through the back wall of the studio. I’m especially pleased to hear the editing work Weston has put into this track; disparate volumes, effected percussion, and lightning cuts all contribute to a more fully-realized example of what Weston is capable of. The second track, “Do You Hear Me?” (the b-side?) reminds me a little of a high school orchestra version of Reynols’ “10,000 Chicken Symphony, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Another nice transition– moving between Thanos Chrysakis’s “Nekyomanteion,” to Stefan Kozminchuk’s Prix Jeu de Temps 2006 award-winning “The Mind is the Voice,” and back into Chrysakis’s “What Lasts is What You Start With,” from his debut Aural Terrains release “Klage.”

Hey, another Edgetone Records release! I play a lot of recordings from this label– and if you haven’t noticed, you may need to get yourself a full-brain scan. This week, I’m playing from Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel’s self-titled album.  Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel is a duo; Aram Shelton and Steini Gunnarson. Earlier this week, I was listening to their triptych work, “Constitution (in three parts),” and was struck by how well these two perform together. I don’t often attempt to ‘break down’ what I’m hearing in my first few listens, but I’ll admit that I tried it here, with little in the way of results. There is definitely a lot of cooperation and group effort to produce these sounds, which is a nice effect.

Here’s some of Andrew Barranca’s Gaybomb recordings: a live set, and some after-hours recording to boot. Oddly enough, I got a package from Barranca this evening, one of my stranger ones– two transparent, colored records; about 50 empty record sleeves, a bunch of packing peanuts, and a handful of jigsaw puzzle pieces. I tried putting the puzzle together, but it doesn’t appear that I have anywhere near enough pieces to form a coherent picture. I got five of them together, though… maybe next week, I’ll play these for you.

Oh! Now here’s where being a DJ really pays off. I got to give a brand-new duo their first radio play, just days after they settled on a name. LATRALMAGOG (the name they settled on following a lengthy, involved process) is the improvisational work of Al B., and E.T., who can fill you in on the full story themselves at the “Of Sound Mind” blog. The full work is available for download there, as well as their two prior collaborative efforts here and here. Hopefully, the LATRALMAGOG recordings will continue, as they are quite enjoyable.

Here’s the full download of this broadcast, as a single mp3 file, recorded from the radio stream. If you require any information about any of the artists or labels on this broadcast, don’t hesitate to ask me for assistance.

Agusti Martinez — Serie B (To Scelsi)
Agusti Martinez — For Pau
Agusti Martinez — Tic
Sabrina Siegel — Yom Kippur
Sabrina Siegel — The Body Moving
Sabrina Siegel — After Your Voice
Noggin — Two Violins (untitled track 1)
Noggin — Two Violins (untitled track 2)
Matt Weston — Holler
Matt Weston — Do You Hear Me?
Thanos Chrysakis — Nekyomanteion
Stefan Kozminchuk — The Mind Is the Voice
Thanos Chrysakis — What Lasts Is What You Start With
Thanos Chrysakis — Nearly Alongside (excerpt)
Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel — Constitution (In Three Parts)
Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel — The Populous
Gaybomb — Untitled, Live at 369, Charleston SC, 5/7/05
Gaybomb — Untitled, recorded later the same evening

5 Responses to “Liveblogging! “ITDE” Commentary for 7-14-07”

  1. ET Says:

    Thanks DaveX! This is a landmark event for us. Al and I are quite honored. Sessions 4-6 will be posted soon, be sure to check them out.


  2. Zeno Izen Says:

    Mediafire keeps timing out on me. :( :( :( :( :( :(

  3. startlingmoniker Says:

    I’ve submitted a support ticket to MediaFire… they’ve been very good so far about fixing things, and its been downloaded 6 times already, so probably it will get fixed soon. If not, I’ll re-up it, and we can try again!

  4. Zeno Izen Says:

    Still no luck. I’m thinking that no one’s in the office at MediaFire, seeing as it’s the lord’s day and all.

    (8:55 pm, EST)

  5. Zeno Izen Says:

    Well, the download started, but right now it’s been stalled out at 11 percent for a few minutes. Can only assume that MediaFire is working on it.

    (10:08 am, EST)

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