Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/7/07

Well, we’re nearing up on Free Slurpee Day, and once again I’m nowhere near a 7-11. Luckily, I can still broadcast, or I’d go completely mad. As usually seems to happen these days, I’ve started the show one half-hour early… letting this new rst disc “Axes” from Last Visible Dog Records have a little long-form action. And yes, I spelled that right– rst– and all lower case, too! It’s like a Google nightmare. I’m happy to finally be hearing this disc in a stationary position; all my previous listening sessions had been while driving. Let me just say that “Axes” is full of those little droning sounds that start making you think your car is falling apart, starting with some obscure belt. Cool stuff, but hard on paranoid car owners, haha.

Original digital photography by DaveX

I’m definitely in a mood for some improvisational stuff at the moment. As always, Edgetone Records can deliver. Listeners have heard me play it before– COMA’s “Ornamental Urban Shrubbery,” a really nice disc with a good mix of playful performance and serious talent. Personally, I find the moments of all-percussion improv most interesting. I can think of very few recordings of this nature that don’t end up being some sort of modern-day drum circle. In this manner, a track like “Portable Inorganic Matter” really sets itself apart. I’m glad to hear things like this, and I hope you are as well!

Original digital photography by DaveX

Seeing as how I’m in this improvisational zone, I’m going to bring out a couple more– Jack Wright, whose recordings simply blow my mind every time I play them; and Sabrina Siegel, whose debut release for Pax Recordings “Grace/Precarious” made me smack my forehead– “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s cranial injury day here at “It’s Too Damn Early!”

Perhaps in the next few days, Siegel will give us all a little more insight into her work; I have arranged a small e-mail interview, but have yet to finish up my questions. Soon! As for Jack Wright, I’m still hoping to have him play live on “It’s Too Damn Early” next time he’s coming through the area. Cross your fingers, this is my 07-07-07 wish.

Original digital photography by DaveX

How’s this for a shift in sound? I’ve gone from free improv recordings to the brittle electronic compositions of Thanos Chrysakis! This is the debut release of the Aural Terrains label, who are off to a great start. If you’re not listening live, I feel for you– this track “Nekyomanteion” is absolutely fantastic– sounds so much like the old school electronic composers like Charles Dodge, David Tudor, etc… very nice stuff, and I simply don’t play enough of it. If I can, I’ll put together an older electronic set for next week. Fun!!

Original digital photography by DaveX

Well, I tried to continue in my electronic vein, but things didn’t quite go as I planned. Rather than the Peter Swendsen track from the Quiet Design release “Resonance: Steel Pan in the 21st Century” satisfying my need for electroacoustic composition, it got me wanting a little noise as well! There’s a few artists who work in this area, and I did happen to have the Roil Noise split release of Ctephin/Mystified “Diminished” with me… I’d been holding this one back, waiting for the right time to play Mystified’s 36-minute “Diminiscape.” Now is the time!…STARTLING MONIKER readers should be aware that I’ll also be interviewing Mystified soon enough as well… so much to do!

I’m finishing with some kalimba and synth tracks from my friend RP Collier, who has been inspiring me lately with his very interesting YouTube videos— minimalistic affairs with kalimba soundtracks. Here’s one I recently watched:

As you may have noticed, I have a real grab-bag of photos in this entry. I took all of these photos during the show; you can see how the night-into-day time slot influences me, and makes the show somewhat unique.

As usual, I am making this broadcast available for download as a single 64kbps mp3 file. This is provided as an additional service for listeners who cannot catch the show live and is not intended as a replacement for purchasing albums or recordings from the artists and labels featured here. Enjoy! –DaveX

rst — Crystalline
rst — Lords of Space
rst — The Gate of the Sun
rst — Stone Circle Free
rst — L.A.S.E.R.
rst — Moonlit Air
COMA — Austere Fume
COMA — Fire-eating Duelist
COMA — Portable Inorganic Matter
COMA — Unrepentant Regret
Jack Wright — Untitled solo; Barcelona, April 2006
Sabrina Siegel — Drop Bow Down Cello
Sabrina Siegel — I Will Trust You
Sabrina Siegel — I Am the Bow
Sabrina Siegel — Ring
Thanos Chrysakis, Dario Bernal Villegas — Immanent Distance
Thanos Chrysakis — Isabelle
Thanos Chrysakis — Nekyomanteion
Thanos Chrysakis — What Lasts Is What You Start With
Thanos Chrysakis — Nearly Alongside
Peter Swendsen — Tomorrow Will Be 5m 21s Shorter
Mystified — Diminiscape
RP Collier — drib
RP Collier — blox
RP Collier — mipi
RP Collier — sozo
RP Collier — qan
RP Collier — axba

One Response to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/7/07”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for playing “Diminiscape” Dave! Did you know it was made completely with a beard trimmer, microwave and kitchen sink?

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