Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/30/07

First off, I want to wish my daughter a happy birthday. STARTLING MONIKER readers know her as DJ Mo, but may not be aware that much of her photography appears throughout this blog, especially in the commentary entries. Happy birthday, Mo!

It’s 4 a.m., and I’ve been at the station for a half-hour already. Right now, I’m playing from Zelienople’s “His/Hers” album, available on Type Records. This disc really begs to be played straight through, but I think thirty minutes worth should hold you until your own copy arrives.Zelienople’s ensemble playng style reminded me of Brekekekexkoaxkoax, so I decided to bring their album “We Used To Be Such Good Friends” along this week. I’m glad I did– these go very well together.

It occurs to me that I don’t give out the station number enough. If you wish to reach me here in the Hi-Life Room (as I call master control) you may do so by dialing (618) 457-3691. I’m always happy to try to take your requests, or equally, to gleefully ignore them.

That Belanger/Guilbeault disc “Les Salines” is really terrific. I’m almost always very happy with the quality of releases on Ambiances Magnetiques; this one is no different in that regard.

I picked up this Mystified release “Displaced Assemblage,” while on my trip to St. Louis this last week. Got it at the wonderful Apop Records store, which you should visit. Hmm. It seems this Mystified disc is getting some happy listeners at SLSK– I’m in a few different chatrooms right now if you care to find me. Just look for the user posting in complete sentences with very few spelling errors.

Okay, I’m getting creative now. I decided to mix the Annea Lockwood “Floating World,” (one-half of her reissue on Pogus Productions) with Kim Cascone’s “Statistically Improbable Phrases,” and Richard Trosper’s 3″ cdr “The Ocean,” on Public Eyesore. This is turning out very nicely, and reminds me of how much I enjoy the freedom I’m allowed at WDBX-FM.

Now I’m playing from Ironing’s “A Day at the Beach,” which is (of course) out on Hymns. As I mentioned on-air, Hymns is a tremendously experimental label, and a very active one at that. I’ve been impressed time and time again with both the quality of Hymns releases, and the intelligent (although still quite fun) thread they hold in common. “A Day at the Beach” utilizes a Miami beach field recording (included as the first track) for the basis of two much-longer tape excursions– ten endless loop cassettes and vari-speed players provide Ironing the opportunity for all sorts of possibilities, as does creative mic work to bring out different spacial aspects of the performance.

Well, I’m very nearly finished now, and playing from the Sounds From the Pocket label compilation “Microcassetor,” which is the first of four comps of microcassette-recorded material from this Georgia-based label. I have some material on the second, so when I saw it, I figured I’d grab the first, a limited edition of 95… So far, I actually think I like it better than the second– though the cardboard package of this one can’t beat the saber-saw cut vinyl record package of number two!

Huh. Looks like I’m sticking around after all– no “Kids Kamp” radio show this week, I’m covering the slot. Stay tuned for another 1.5 hours of “It’s Too Damn Early.”Well, I kicked off the additional one and a half hours with a new disc from Last Visible Dog Records, this being The Stumps “The Black Wood.” I made a little mistake announcing the title of the first track, due to the black-on-black type used on the album art. In black, it says “also by The Stumps,” and then proceeds to list other albums in a lightly-colored font. I didn’t see the black writing until just now, so I thought the first album listed was the track title. This isn’t going to kill anyone, but I thought I’d clarify it for those of you who download the show later today. This album will be available in August, so I still have time to practice, hahaha.

Now I am playing from Sabrina Siegel’s release “Grace/Precarious,” available on Pax Recordings. This is solo work for cello, voice, and percussion voice.  (I have no idea why I put “percussion,” but Ms. Siegel has corrected me– let’s chalk it up to blogging at 5 a.m…) The “Precarious” portion of the title seems apt– this is gingerly-balanced music, seemingly about to fall apart at any time. I’ve really been enjoying the highly sensual feel of this album; it is incredibly easy for the listener to imagine a tactile connection to the sounds recorded here.

Yes, I let the livebogging slip a bit here. It’s too damn early for liveblogging, right? I’ll have the download of today’s show available later on. Thanks for listening to the show, and reading STARTLING MONIKER! –DaveX

Update: Today’s show was 4.5 hours long, so the file was a little too large for my usual host site, MediaFire. Instead, I am hosting today’s broadcast for free download at Badongo, which splits the file into two portions. Once joined, this is a single 64kbps mp3 file, offered as a further service to listeners who are unable to catch the show at its normal time. As always, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with the labels and artists listed here. If you need assistance, please let me know. Enjoy!

Zelienople — Family Beast
Zelienople — Moss Man
Zelienople — Parts are Lost
Zelienople — Forced March
Brekekekexkoaxkoax — Tuesday on Sunday
Marie-Soleil Belanger & Normand Guilbeault — Les Salines 1
Marie-Soleil Belanger & Normand Guilbeault — Gouttes d’eau dans la mer
Marie-Soleil Belanger & Normand Guilbeault — La sueur du paludier
Marie-Soleil Belanger & Normand Guilbeault — Ruissellement
Mystified — Shortwave Chamber
Mystified — Empty Nest
Mystified — Tweaked Cycles
Annea Lockwood — Floating World pt.1
Annea Lockwood — Floating World pt.2
Kim Cascone — Statistically Improbable Phrases
Richard Trosper — The Ocean
Ironing — A Day at the Beach
Big City Orchestra — Untitled, Microcassetor vol.1
ADP/JTW — Untitled, Microcassetor vol.1
Autio-Ethik — Untitled, Microcassetor vol.1
Nobody — Untitled, Microcassetor vol.1
ID M Theft Able — Untitled, Microcassetor vol.1
Sitori Sonics — — Untitled, Microcassetor vol.1
Tore H. Boe & Silja E. Boe
Manherringbone — Untitled, Microcassetor vol.1
Ernesto Diaz-Infante — Untitled, Microcassetor vol.1
The Stumps — untitled 1 (from “The Black Wood”)
The Stumps — untitled 2 (from “The Black Wood”)
The Stumps — untitled 3 (from “The Black Wood”)
Sabrina Siegel — Yom Kippur
Sabrina Siegel — The Body Moving
Sabrina Siegel — After Your Voice
The Transhumans — Drunken Boat: Perilous Journey
Jean Paul Jenkins, Joseph Foster, K. Scott Handley, Mark Kaylor — ‘Past Midnight. Never new such silence. The Earth must be uninhabited.’
Mike Tamburo, Matt McDowell — God Will Fail John’s Horn
Eyes Like Saucers — Sea Song

3 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/30/07”

  1. Thomas Park Says:

    Thanks for playing those tracks, Dave!

  2. sabrina Says:

    Hi Dave! Thank you for playing Grace/Pecarious….i’m so glad you are enjoying. i’m enjoying your web site! i just have to mention to you that although i am very percusive in my playing, it is cello, voice, and electric guitar.
    All the best to you always and thanks for doing what you do!

  3. the Transhumans Says:

    thank you for playing some cuts off our new CD “into the maelstrom”.

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