DaveX gets interviewed!

HTXMR! O RLY?Hollow Tree Experimental Music Report has posted a loooong interview with me today. It is the second part in a series of cross-interviews with Zeno Izen, the first of which I posted last week.

Topics include how I choose music for my broadcasts, the state of modern radio, and the nature of experimental music. It’s all straight from this horse’s mouth! I hope you’ll take the time to read and respond to both.

Finally, I want to ask all my readers to please keep my new horse in your thoughts. As you can see here, he seems happy, but for some reason, he won’t eat. I am sick of eating sugar cubes to demonstrate how “yummy” they are. If this situation doesn’t approve, I may have to send him to meet Barbaro.

One Response to “DaveX gets interviewed!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Yeah! Way cool interview, Dave.

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