Liveblog! “ITDE” Commentary 6/23/07

I started off this broadcast with Mystified’s advance for “Fatal Planet,” a disc inspired by the original soundtrack for “Forbidden Planet,” both in concept and construction. It’s some good stuff, especially for those familiar with the original. Oddly enough, I was reminded a bit of a new disc of previously unreleased material from Annea Lockwood– this being the “Floating World” portion of “Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World,” currently available on Pogus Productions. Both Lockwood’s work and Mystified’s set up ‘mirrors’ of a sort– Mystified’s is giving us a new look at the older work by the Barrons’, and Lockwood’s is a collection of places; set in amber, as it were. It was definitely interesting to contrast these two works, and they flowed together quite well.

I am now playing from the Last Visible Dog Records release “Somethings #1,” compiled by Ilya Monosov. I have been listening to a lot of quiet, often field-sourced recordings lately, and I wanted to hear Nick Castro’s contributions this morning– however, this album is so well-constructed that I ended up letting it roll– Masayoshi Urabe and Sarah Peebles got to come along for the ride; I hope you’re enjoying it as well!

Oops! I had some visitors stop in, which naturally makes it a bit difficult to liveblog. I played a lot of good stuff, though, as you can see in the playlist. If you’re mad at me, remember that I’ll be back next week and we can try it again.

I almost forgot to mention: I’ll be at Lemp Arts tonight for the Zelienople/Mike Tamburo show. If you see me, be sure to introduce yourself!

Update: Here’s the full download of this broadcast, as a single mp3 file, recorded from the radio stream. If you require any information about any of the artists or labels on this broadcast, don’t hesitate to ask me for assistance.

Mystified — Fatal Planet pt.1
Mystified — Fatal Planet pt.2
Mystified — Fatal Planet pt.3
Annea Lockwood — Floating World pt.1
Annea Lockwood — Floating World pt.2
Mystified — Fatal Planet pt.4
Mystified — Fatal Planet pt.5
Mystified — Fatal Planet pt.6
Mystified — Fatal Planet pt.7
Nick Castro — Study in Miniatures
Nick Castro — Nature Music
Nick Castro — Shy Jack and the Suitcase
Nick Castro — Motor Music
Masayoshi Urabe — Untitled
Sarah Peebles — Music for Incandescent Events no.1, after sunset with crescent moon setting over field
Fe-Mail — It Becomes Her
Fe-Mail — In Den Schonen Gruen Wald
Fe- Mail — Pretty Song
Western Automatic — The Burlap Tundra
Ilya Monosov, Preston Swirnoff — The Sea Within
Mike Tamburo — Ghosts of Marumbey (excerpt)
Warm Climate — NASA March
Warm Climate — Creole Accordion Whisper
Brent Mini & Eric Lampton — Vast Living Intelligence System (Synchronicity Music)
Iamheard — Hongistola
Santtu Hirvikorpi — Komako
Palvelu — Toinen Iaulu
Haute Cuisine — Une Saison en Enfer
Robert Horton — “I am not a centipide”, said Mary Poppins (for P.L. Travers)

One Response to “Liveblog! “ITDE” Commentary 6/23/07”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for playing those Fatal Planet tracks, Dave!

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