Liveblog! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/16/07

I started the show a bit early, to cover for Brian (host of the Gamer’s Guild) who was feeling exhausted. I had spent a good portion of my day listening to Rabbit Girls “Audio Insurgency,” (also reviewed it in the prior entry) so I figured I’d start the show with a portion of the second disc. I guess I still had this album stuck in my head, go fig.

Digital photography by E.J.

Damn. I wish this Ophibre “Shattered CD” album had a second track stuck in it somewhere– I like the back half quite a bit more than the beginning. Oh well, with only ten minutes until the top of the hour, I’m almost certainly not playing the whole disc anyway, right?Double damn. You know what? I really don’t like the beginning of that disc. I guess I was ambivalent about it before, but not now. With so much good music I brought with me, it would have been a shame to keep playing that– so I replaced it with “Distortion Field,” from the Ctephin/Mystified split “Rough Versus Smooth,” on Barfing Dagger. I like the audacity of this track; it’s haphazard percussiveness is both engaging and clever. It sounds like an epileptic doing skateboard tricks on a road made of puppy chow. Needless to say, the top of the hour is fucked.

Digital photography by E.J.

I’m chatting with Vomit Toad in SLSK ‘noise’ room– and he brings up a good point– where are all the chatters? I posit that you are all in rapt attention, and for your sake, I hope I’m right.I decided to mix Mystified’s track with “New Possibilities for African Instruments 1,” a composition by Dimitri Voudouris on his latest Pogus Productions release. So far, it’s going well. Since Pogus Productions is such an amazing label, and since I haven’t played this Felix Werder disc, “The Tempest/Electronic Music,” to death yet; how about listening to “Oscussion” with me?

Now I’m on to Fe-Mail’s album “Blixter Toad,” on Asphodel. This album is a riot of sounds– tons of hairpin-turn digital editing, sounds like a Max/MSP fest, but fun. Maja Ratkje is always worth hearing anyways. How come I don’t have any more Ratkje with me??

Digital photography by E.J.

How about some vinyl? I have a one-sided 12-inch by Monsturo, “F-44,” on Rasbliutto Recordings. I’m still a bit new to Rasbliutto, but I’ve been very fond of their releases so far. I want to encourage you to get over to the site and pick up some discs, but be sure to leave one of each for me, okay? I’ll probably post a review of this album on Monday, btw. Right now, I’m going to go batshit on my bag and see if there’s any more Maja inside. Hold on.

Hmm… it seems there is not. However, I have some Crank Sturgeon, and that’s got to count for something. I’ll put it on following the Monsturo album. I’m really enjoying how this one builds, but I think I should have been more judicious about its placement in the show. Not a good call for following Fe-Mail, my bad.

Digital photography by E.J.

Crank Sturgeon is now causing great gnashing of teeth and general consternation of the airwaves. I’m pretty sure I got this off the Internet Archive some years back. Yep, I did.I decided to use the last half-hour to play a lot of short tracksa lot of NoType, it looks like. Dig through their archives, and you could listen to these recordings again and again. Great label, check them out! The end of the show is approaching, and I need to get all these discs cleaned up, so this is probably all I’ll write for now. I hope you enjoyed the show, feel free to leave me a comment. –DaveX

Send five cereal boxtops, $3 in nickels, and a photograph of your backyard to DaveX to receive your free* copy of this week’s show. Or, be cheap and just download it here. Please don’t let your thrift extend too far, though– with the exception of Pierre Schaeffer, all the artists on this week’s show require food– please consider purchasing their albums from the linked sections of the playlist below!

Rabbit Girls — Section 8
Rabbit Girls — Snatcher
Rabbit Girls — War on Terra
Ophibre — Shattered CD (extract)
Mystified — Distortion Field
Dimitri Voudouris — NPFAI 1
Felix Werder — Oscussion
Fe-Mail — Belonging
Monsturo — F-44
Crank Sturgeon — Motion Pict Saur
Danger Woman — 1, 2, 3-4-5
Poormen — 1-2-3-4
Poormen — Hamburger
Melt Banana — Dust Head
Pierre Schaeffer — Bilude
Phonecia — Foci Duplication
Books on Tape — A Heir Son (Remix)
833-45 — Numerically Unstable (Remix)
A_Dontigny — Warm Gravel Metroid Soundtest
Click Tracy — Truth or Daring

One Response to “Liveblog! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/16/07”

  1. Thomas Park Says:

    Thanks for playing “Distortion Field”, Dave! All in all, looks like a fine show.

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