Climax Golden Twins – s/t

Testing Ground is a Barcelona-based label casting a wide, but hearteningly selective, net over electronic music. Testing Ground is also notable for releasing the first copyleft CD in Europe, Pau Torres’ “Songs for Nula,” as part of their minidisc ‘B-side Project’.

Also part of Testing Ground’s ‘B-Side Project,’ is the self-titled minidisc from Climax Golden Twins. It features some lovely (albeit small, of course) cover art from Marefumi Komura. This is a really interesting disc, although not recommended for users checking out a new stereo– a long period of near-silence in the second track had me wondering if I’d broken something! Once I realized my error, I was happy to find this disc among those that put the minidisc format to good use– keeping a narrow focus, and exploring an idea in depth. “Climax Golden Twins” is also assisted by fantastic production values. The organic qualities of the acoustic guitar theme are not lost among the digital crystalline structure; nor are listeners left behind in the transition from contemplative reverie to harsh noise.

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  1. ManGenerated Says:

    Here is what I wrote on this release in december 2005:

    Keep up the good work,


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