Liveblog! ITDE 6/9/07

Feeling much better this week– I decided to kick off the show with a new disc, a CDR promo copy *sniff* of the new limited-edition 12″ vinyl by Motor Ghost, “A Gold Chain Round Her Breast,” on Dancing Wayang Records. I’d originally gotten in touch with Dancing Wayang on the merits of seeing Ben Reynolds name at the site– I really enjoyed his “Other Worlds Sermons” minidisc on First Person, you see– and I’m equally pleased with his work in Motor Ghost (a duo, with Alex Neilson on drums). Although the disc has a fairly “live” feel to it, my understanding is that the studio was actually put to some use– overdubs, etc– which I appreciate, as all too many current experimentally-minded musicians treading into free folk waters seem content with just using the recording studio as a large tape recorder.

Do I have to mention again how terrific Eddie the Rat’s “Once Around the Butterfly Bush” is? Even at 4:30 in the morning, it has the power to send an electric thump down my spine– it’s hard for me to believe that an album this visceral is also recorded this beautifully. Take that, “Raw Power” fans! It’s no surprise to me that the only thing I have that can follow it is another Edgetone Records release, “We Are Violent,” by Nihil Communication. Usually, I can get away with changing gears completely after a half-hour break, but I think Eddie the Rat’s power will hold through the minute of station announcements enough to exact a measure of control over the next set.

Does it make incredibly lame that I am bothered by my use of “is” to end the first sentence in the previous paragraph? How about my nagging suspicion that the Dancing Wayang folks should have allowed an apostrophe to accompany the titular “Round”? These are the questions that keep Discogs editors up at night, beware!

Nihil Communication almost took the show into noise territory, but stopped just in time for me to introduce you all to Ophibre, who seem to inhabit this strange land. In a similar fashion to artists like Seht and Mystified, Ophibre presents a close cousin of noise, but takes enough time with structure and detail to clue listeners in that its more of an influence and less of a destination. Of course, I’ve only heard a couple Ophibre releases so far (“Puzzle Pieces”, and ‘Shattered CD”– so leave a comment if you know about the others.

Damn. It’s barely 5 a.m. and the sun is already coming up, here to make Southern Illinois into a tropical-humidity nightmare yet again.

I’m now playing from “The Long Await Between Collapsed Lungs,” which is just a fantastic disc. It reminds me that I have a couple things to look up, or at the very least, have STARTLING MONIKER readers help me with:

1) What the heck is Ernesto Diaz-Infante doing now? I used to see a new disc of his every week or so. Is he hiding?
2) Lo-Bango was supposed to come out with some minidiscs, a whole series of very cool stuff. I need to get in touch and find out what’s up with these.
3) What’s the perfect recipe for grilled cheese?

Okay, so that was three things. Sue me.

You have to love the lead-in to the first track of Rabliutto Recordings’ “Trios 2004” disc with Jean Paul Jenkins, Joseph Fosert, K. Scott Handley, and Mark Kaylor. It’s just a bit of low hum, the crackle of a cable, silence, a small honk, more silence… a beep, and maybe some magnetic interference. I wonder how many people got all worried listening to this for the first time?

It’s been too long since I’ve had some Joan La Barbara material on the show. I was just listening to the Lovely Music release “Voice is the Original Instrument” the other day, and figured I’d bring it along tonight. “Cathing” is one of my favorite tracks. Check the vocal drone-work– incredible!

A full download of this show is now available, in a single-track, 64kbps mp3 format– basically, the same way you’d hear it in the webstream. I do not offer this recording as a replacement for purchasing albums from the artists and labels heard on the show, but merely as another chance for busy “ITDE” listeners to catch their favorite broadcast. If you require any assistance or information about a recording I have played, please let me know!

Motor Ghost — Gash Division
Motor Ghost — Tremble
Motor Ghost — My Dancing Day
Eddie the Rat — There’s No Such Place as Outer Space
Eddie the Rat — I Spy a Human Inside of You
Eddie the Rat — Chasing the Sun
Nihil Communication — Interpretation from Sandstone
Nihil Communication — We Are Violent
Ophibre — Puzzle Pieces pt.1
Ophibre — Puzzle Pieces pt. 2
Diaz-Infante, St. Chaos, Bohol — Still Endless & Drawn Out Toward You
Jean Paul Jenkins, Joseph Foster, K. Scott Handley, Mark Kaylor — ‘Past Midnight.
Never Knew Such Silence. The Earth Must Be Uninhabited.’
Joan La Barbara — Cathing
Joan La Barbara — Autumn Signal
Joan La Barbara — October Music: Star Showers and Extraterrestrials

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